Daebak! The Top 10 Best Kpop Music Videos Ever, #1

Brown Eyed Girls post top music video with Abracadabra.

Who will top our countdown? When it came down to it, it wasn't even close. We finish up the top 10 best Kpop music videos ever with a little bit of magic (and a little bit of revenge)! As always, if you think we missed any of your favorites, make sure to post them in the comments below!

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1. Brown Eyed Girls - "Abracadabra"

Brown Eyed Girls was brought together by Jea, Brown Eyed Girl’s leader, in 2006. She selected the rapper, Miryo, and Narsha, and then, finally Ga-in. “Abracadabra” was released in 2009 and was their first big hit, though it inflamed controversy for its violence and strong sexual themes. Even with (or maybe because of) the controversy, “Abracadabra” won many awards, and is still cool, and relevant, today. The dance has become a Korean staple. Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you our number #1 pick: “Abracadabra.”

Why We Like It


The iconic hip dance says it all, arms crossed, no smiles, all against an empty white void. There is danger here. This video has sex, ravenous jealousy, revenge, murder. Few Kpop videos have hit upon this territory, none have done it as effectively. The fact of the matter is that no one can make unsettling videos quite like Brown Eyed Girls. They will make you cringe. They will make you uncomfortable. And they do it with style. Not style over substance, style conjoined with substance, at the hip maybe. With Brown Eyed Girls, one can not exist without the other. And here, the results are startling. This is Kpop at the pinnacle. It’s raw. It’s unflinchingly adult. And after all that, it’s still cool. Unbelievably cool. Almost indefinably cool. This video is dangerous.


The first time I watched “Abracadabra,” I didn’t know what the hell was going on. And then I watched it again. And again. And I didn’t stop watching, and I probably never will. Because Brown Eyed Girls have become engrained in my subconscious. To me, they are Kpop. Because when they cross their arms, glare at the camera, and sway their hips, I want to be just like them. You might be surprised by our choice. You might say that it’s not the most catchy song in Kpop. You might say that it’s auto-tuned and over-filtered. You might say it’s not the most artistic video. But “Abracadabra” accomplishes something far more important. It symbolizes a dream we all reach for, a dream of how cool we all want to be. It’s why pop music exists in the first place. It’s why people still don a white glove and try to moonwalk across the floor. Pop music is an expression of our collective social desire to be cooler than everyone else. It is a vehicle that carries cultural trends, and an artifact that spawns imitation. And Brown Eyed Girls are at the very heart of those trends. Brown Eyed Girls are Kpop!

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Want more Kpop? Check out a few videos that didn't quite make our Top 10 list, but are still packed full of of Kpop goodness.

Runner Up 1: Block B - “Nillili Mambo”

There is something insanely catchy about this song, and the video does a good job distributing screen time among all six members, even giving each one a story line. An element of play-acting nags at me, though, where I would have liked to see ownership.

Runner Up 2: Wonder Girls - “Like This”

The energy and enthusiasm brought to this video is contagious. The only thing you could ask for is that they film this flash mob in the wild, and not filled with actors. But, they did try that. And one of the members almost got trampled by rapid fans. Still a fun video!

Runner Up 3: Lee Jung Hyun - “V”

She’s still got it! Lee Jung Hyun has been around for three lifetimes (in Kpop years), but she is still producing hits. This video is weird, and spooky, and makes the hair on the back of my neck rise. All it needs is a little more continuity between the various shots.

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