MV of the Month: Kim Yeon Woo, 'Move'

Kim Yeon Woo, Move

For May’s music video of the month, we didn’t pick Exo, or 2NE1, or even one of the highly anticipated solo debuts. Because none of those videos really stuck out to us, not like Kim Yeon Woo’s “Move.” Here’s why.

Redefining Boundaries

We talk a lot about “the box” in Kpop. It’s a useful tool to highlight choreography, but more often than not it feels like an artificial boundary. In “Move,” Kim Yeon Woo redefines the boundaries of the genre. He splits the box into sections and spins it like a platter. It’s a completely new kind of motion. It’s a game changer. It’s what we’ve come to expect from Mystic89.

The video becomes a story told in vignettes, each scene lasting roughly three seconds before it passes into the next. Three seconds to describe emotions of love, desire, loss, and loneliness. But it’s the motion of the video that does most of the telling. The way that the camera pans, we see almost 360 degrees around the actors, and there’s something extremely sympathetic about that. These aren’t two dimensional characters on a two dimensional screen. They look real, and they feel real too. Who among us thought that could be accomplished in a box?

Kim Yeon Woo, Move

An Addicting Song

“Move” has the same groovy insistence as Daft Punk’s grammy-winning “Get Lucky.” It’s a comparison we invite, because Kim Yeon Woo stands up to it. His hook might even be better than Pharrell’s. Kyung Park (of Block B) builds tension with his dark and soulful verse, at odds with Kim’s tonal clarity. “Move” is a song that will burrow into you.


It’s true, “Move” contains more stripping than you’re likely to see in any other Kpop video. Which is weird, because the video still feels overwhelmingly classy. And that might be the result of Mystic89’s polished work. Instead of feeling dirty, it feels like art. Sexuality feels less like a marketing tool, and more like an element of the music.

Kim Yeon Woo, Move

Another Underrated Artist

For all that Kim Yeon Woo and Mystic89 did right with this song and this video, they still only garnered 14,000 views after a full 24 hours. This is an artist that deserves a serious spotlight. “Move” is our music video of the month for May. Go listen, and tell your friends!


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