This Week in Kpop: May 18-24, 2014

2NE1 Gotta Be You

Though not as controversial as last week’s events, the world of Kpop didn’t slow down much this week, as we saw a huge swell of releases and comebacks. It’s almost too much to cover! But let’s try, shall we? 

Why We Need to Talk about Kris/Why We Need to Stop Talking about Kris

The Kris controversy continued this week, and we had to ask ourselves, with very little resolution in sight, should we keep talking about this scandal? We came up with two arguments: Why We Need to Talk about Kris and Why We Need to Stop Talking about Kris. Which side are you on?

Jiyeon’s “Never Ever (1 Min 1 Sec)”

Jiyeon’s finally had her debut in an already crowded May. We feel like she stacked up well against both G.Na and Hyoseong. It was worth the wait, with memorable choreography, a catchy song, and an intriguing video. Read our full review here.

Underrated Artists: MIB


As part of a brand new series on underrated artists, we profiled hip-hop group, M.I.B. Though their four albums have all been excellent, M.I.B. have long suffered from poor promotion and bad timing, and their recent single, "Chisa Bounce," was no different. Read the full profile, and give M.I.B. the listen they deserve!

Infinite's "Last Romeo" 

Infinite came back this week with their "Season 2" album. "Last Romeo" is a great song with a super-dramatic video. There's lots of running, getting lost down hallways (is this the year of the labyrinth in Kpop?) and the inexplicable destroying of innocent books. Definitely a killer comeback.

2NE1's "Gotta Be You" 

This week 2NE1 released "Gotta Be You," the third single from Crush. In typical 2NE1 fashion, the song blends powerful vocals with a fun electronic beat. The video itself is an exercise in individuality, an odd match for an angst-ridden love song. Maybe we're witnessing the 2NE1 aesthetic. Or maybe their reputation precedes them!

Orange Caramel's "Abing Abing"

Orange Caramel came back with "Abing Abing" this week. Wait - it's a CF for Baskin Robbins? Almost fooled us! Kpop idols are no strangers of CF's and supporting brands, but few have the quality that this fun song and video does. The lines between MV and CF definitely are blurred here, especially with the MV being posted on 1theK's YouTube channel. This is worth a watch, even if you don't like ice cream!

Yuna Kim's "Without You Now" 

Making her debut this week after a long wait was Yuna Kim. You might remember her from 2011's Superstar K3, and apparently she was, at one point, a YG trainee. Here she's come out with a catchy song produced by Tiger JK who also raps in the video. Though unremarkable, we did enjoy the song and video. We do think the best is yet to come from Yuna.

Interview with an ‘Uncle’ Fan

Girls' Generation Madison Square Gardens

We're continuing Fan Perspectives with our interview with an "Uncle" Fan. You can read that interview here. We think his story is very interesting and unique. But we think yours is too, so why not contact us in the comments section or through our Facebook page and share your perspective too?

May 18-24

So that’s what's happened this week. Did we miss anything important? Something we should talk about next week? Let us know. Next week is sure to provide its own surprises. Maybe we'll get an unexpected comeback or debut too. You never know with Kpop!


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