This Week in Kpop: May 25-31, 2014

After the past few furious weeks of Kpop, we needed a moment to catch our breaths! May 25-31 slowed down the rush of comebacks, only to bring word of more scandal, this time with Pledis and their disenfranchised fandom. The controversial Kara Project finally premiered, and we're still worried about the future of Kara. We also declared our MV of the month, and it might be a surprise for some of you.

MV of the Month: Kim Yeon Woo, "Move"

We were so impressed and thrilled with Kim Yeon Woo's "Move." Another Mystic89 classic! "Move" is not only an amazing song, but the video really stands out. Here's why we think Kim Yeon Woo's new song deserves the top spot.

The Art of the CF

Is this the Summer of CF? New, elaborate commercials from G-Dragon, Orange Caramel, NS Yoon G, and Suzy, makes us think it could be! Check out our look at the new CF's that our got our attention here.

Fighting?! A Look at Kara Project's Strange Introduction

The controversial Kara Project finally premiered this week, and DSP had a chance to calm fan despair. We don't feel like they did, not yet. You can read our thoughts on the Kara Project here. But what do you think?

Pledis Entertainment, Fans, Apologies...

This story is a bit of a mess. First, Pledis Entertainment requested, last minute, that fans prepare fan signs for After School at the "Idol Futsal World Cup." Which the fans did, because they're loyal fans. But at the World Cup, no one from After School even said hi to them. Many of the fans waited for a long time, until they received word that After School had already left. The fans retaliated by having their fan sites go on a temporary shutdown until they received an apology from Pledis and After School. Rania, of Orange Caramel and After School, apologized on Twitter, then mysteriously deleted all of her tweets. Pledis eventually apologized to their fans for their mismanagement, and they promised they would take action to avoid a future occurrence of this nature. Now the fans have apologized for perhaps blowing this whole story out of proportion. We don't know if this convoluted story is over, but we sure hope so. 

Underrated Artists: Sunny Hill

Last week we took a look at the very underrated M.I.B. This week, Sunny Hill gets our focus. We've loved Sunny Hill for years and think that they're both socially conscious and creative, a great combination to have. Take another look at the underrated group here.

Vixx's Eternity

In a week that saw fewer comebacks than the last two, Vixx returned with "Eternity," with a video that featured each member romancing the same woman (in that way only Kpop videos can get away with), in a dreamlike world that soon falls apart. We're liking this song, it's dramatic and has a killer chorus. Give it a watch!

15&'s Sugar 

15& came back with the electric "Sugar," a great video with fab sixties style. Park Jimin and Baek Yerin both have such fun personalities - vibrant personalities that match their tremendous talent. We're excited to see where these girls go next. But until then, watch this duo's newest video above.

G.NA's Question, Episode #1 

This week also saw the premiere of Cube TV's new show, "G.NA's Question." The first episode serves as an overview of G.NA's goals with the interview program as she talks with Cube staff, who ask her to host. Though pretending that they never talked about her hosting this show was a bit unlikely (and disingenuous), it's really great to see G.NA in this role and we're interested to see her talk with other Cube idols. At twelve minutes, it does take a while to get rolling.

Jiyeon's Hip Sway Too Sexy for TV? 

There was controversy this week with Jiyeon's hip sway in "Never Ever (1 Min 1 Sec)." Which we found odd, since we didn't really register the choreography as sexy so much as stylized. So Jiyeon made some adjustments, and at Music Core gave a dance that we actually did find sexy (maybe it was the leg movement, the outfit?). Surprisingly, at the latest M! Countdown, the hip sway seems to have returned, so maybe only some of the music shows have deemed it inappropriate. But what do you think (Top video has no hip sway, bottom video does)? Is the hip swaying too provocative? Which version do you like better? Let us know in the comments!

Fan Perspectives: NoonaFan

This week we interviewed NoonaFan, the creator of, a Kpop commentary blog, focusing on Kpop music review, Korean Drama review, and Kpop editorials. You can read that interview here. We're always looking for more Fan Perspectives. If you think you have an interesting story, contact us on Facebook or Twitter!

May 25-31

So that’s what's happened this week. Looking back, it was a little bit more busy than we thought. But was there something we missed? Something we should talk about next week? Let us know. Next week should see a ton of comebacks and debuts, and surely a scandal or two that erupt out of nowhere. See you next week!


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