Underrated Artists: M.I.B.

M.I.B. "Dash"

The hip-hop group, M.I.B., has long been a favorite of ours. And with all four members as talented as they are, it’s surprising that they haven’t made more of an impact in the three years they have been active.

Why You Should Listen

When M.I.B. first debuted, each member promoted his own single. This wasn’t a gimmick. 5Zic, Cream, SIMS, and KangNam were announcing to the world that they could stand alone, that they were talented enough to record as soloists. And how! The self-named, eleven-track album is one of the most impressive debut albums we’ve ever heard. Song for song, it stacks up against much more established artists. They continued that success with the EP, Illusion, and now the group has recently returned with the electrifying “Bounce” from their most recent album, The Maginot Line. Give them a listen. M.I.B. will fit into any party playlist.

M.I.B. "Only Hard For Me"

Why They’re Not Bigger

Promotion has been M.I.B.’s achilles heel. Jungle Entertainment poured a lot of money into promoting not one debut single, but five (one group and four solos). But what matters is the group single, and “G.D.M.” was the wrong choice. Though not a bad song, it’s repetitive, and lacks the imagination of the rest of their music. It was a slow start. For their second album, Illusion, the group fared no better. Following the tragic deaths of three stylists in the group’s dorm, M.I.B. rightfully decided not to promote with the catchy “Celebrate” song, turning instead to the ballad, “Only Hard for Me.” It’s a great ballad, but not entirely representative of the group. Promoting with a single that didn’t fit their identity was never going to bring M.I.B. success. The group has done better of late, striking a good balance with songs like “Dash” and “Bounce.” But is anyone listening any more? You should be. Check out our M.I.B. YouTube playlist here.


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