Underrated Artists: Sunny Hill

Sunny Hill "Is the White Horse Coming"

They might just be the most underrated group in Kpop. We think that “The Grasshopper Song” may be one of the most inventive Kpop videos ever (see our top ten list), but no matter what Sunny Hill does, they rarely disappoint. Or get noticed. Even though they lost their leader, Janghyun, who wants to transition to producing, the formerly co-ed group still has an amazingly talented core of SeungA, Jubi, Misung, and Kota. And really, there’s not a weak link here. Each has tremendous personality and powerful vocals. Each has the versatility to perform ballads like they did with “Goodbye to Romance” (probably their most popular song) to more zany, comedic pieces like “Darling of all Hearts” without missing a beat. That’s talent.

What’s truly underrated with Sunny Hill is that they never have been afraid to confront social issues in Korean culture. “The Grasshopper Song” and “Is the White Horse Coming?” directly confront established norms that Koreans can take for granted. Is working hard all that matters? Is material success the real indicator of a fulfilling life? Sunny Hill asks questions that are rarely addressed. Especially in Kpop.

Sunny Hill "Darling of All Hearts"

With “Don’t Say Anything” Sunny Hill brought an introspective piece that, unfortunately, really didn’t create any waves in the Kpop world. If anything, it may have been a step back in their popularity, as the following they built with “Goodbye Romance” didn’t seem to return to listen to this comparable ballad. We’re hoping that Sunny Hill returns to their more socially minded work with their next comeback, which is where they really stand out. It might not get them to the top of the charts right away. But, Sunny Hill will have their day. If not soon, maybe years from now. When Kpop historians look back, Sunny Hill’s work will stand the test of time. But until then, why don't you give them another shot and check out our Sunny Hill YouTube playlist here?


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