Which Solo Debut Are You Most Looking Forward To?

Kpop Solo Debuts

It looks like this summer will be loaded with solo debuts from members of some of the most popular girl groups out there. But going solo isn’t quite like promoting with the team. So which of these debuts are you most looking forward to? Who do you think has what it takes to rise to the top? And who will make the biggest impact? Cast your vote in the poll, and sound off in the comments!

Hyomin Solo Debut

Hyomin (T-ara) - expected debut in May

As one of the three original members of T-ara that are still active, Hyomin has a ready-made fan base that is eagerly anticipating her solo debut. Her rapping and vocal skills should ensure her first single is killer, and working with Brave Brothers won’t hurt! More recently it has been her image that is turning heads, though. Hyomin has redefined herself as a fashion symbol, and the word on the street is that her debut will feature a sexy image that blows Hyuna out of the water. If Hyosung also debuts with a sexy image we’re going to have an intense battle on our hands. We think Hyomin’s debut could be as big as “Ma Boy” was in 2011.

Hyosung (Secret) - expected debut May 12

Secret has long seemed a group with an identity crisis. Back and forth they go between aegyo and sexy, and the fan reaction to the seesaw has been less than positive at times. For her part, Hyosung has never seemed perfectly comfortable in the aegyo role, which is why we’re expecting fireworks from her debut. We’re also optimistic about the quality of the music. Fellow group member Jieun scored big with her solo single “Going Crazy,” and Hyosung has an equally talented voice. Hyosung is not one to shy away from creating a sexy image for herself (see her extensive modeling portfolio), and this may be her chance to define herself, not just as a powerful singer, but as an icon of sexuality in Kpop. She could be the next Hyori.

Jiyeon Solo Debut

Jiyeon (T-ara) - expected debut in early May

In a group full of Queens, Jiyeon is easily the most popular member of T-ara. And that popularity should help her stand out against stiff competition this May, including from fellow group member, Hyomin. It was originally thought Jiyeon and Hyomin would stagger their releases so as not to directly compete, but all bets are off now. Jiyeon is working with producer Duble Sidekick and is expected to debut with a sound much darker than T-ara or T-ara N4. She has the acting and dancing chops to produce a great music video (or maybe three or four music videos). The question for both T-ara solo debuts will be whether or not the anti-fans come out, a problem that has been plaguing the group for a while now. We think Jiyeon will have enough to shut them up though, with a dark and engaging melody, but with enough of a beat to last through the summer.

Min Solo Debut

Min (Miss A) - expected debut late Summer

Although Suzy gets the attention, Min has long been the driving force of perennial favorites, Miss A. She can rap, dance, and sing, but it’s her charisma that we appreciate most. Song after song, Min has a habit of lighting up the stage. More than any other member, “I Don’t Need a Man” felt like it was Min’s jam. She exudes that Beyonce-type sexuality, and that’s what we expect from her solo debut: an upbeat, empowered song. We don’t expect her to hit the stage until a bit later in the summer, but we’re already looking forward to it. Whatever Min brings, we expect it will be fierce.

[Update: We've closed the voting after 24 hours. Comments still open.]

You voted in numbers for Min, giving her 47% of all votes. But to be honest, we're excited for each and every one of them. We'll take another look once each artist has made her debut. Have an opinion? Sound off in the comments! And check out our review of Hyosung's "Goodnight Kiss" and Jiyeon's "Never Ever."


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