Why We Need to Stop Talking about Kris

Exo without Kris

We’ve written about why we need to talk about Kris and the lawsuit against SM Entertainment. It's a big deal. But can we please stop talking about it now? We can speculate about Kris every day for the next year, but we’ll have wasted our time.

No Easy Solution

If there’s one thing we can be sure about, the lawsuit against SM Entertainment is going to take a long time. Previous litigation of this sort has taken at least a year to resolve, and even then, cases can be appealed and sent back through court. The quickest possible resolution would be for both sides to come to a mutual agreement. But that outcome is unlikely. If a mutual agreement were easy, there wouldn’t be a lawsuit to begin with. To stay sane, and to avoid wanting to gouge our eyes out for an entire year, we need to talk about something other than Kris.

We’ll Never Have the Facts

Another simple truth of the situation is that we are never going to have all the facts. The Hankyul law firm has already come out and said that they won’t be releasing anything to the media. That means that we will only hear about the lawsuit through unconfirmed leaks, wild rumors, and speculation. One year from now, we might not know any more than we do at this moment. All parties involved are going to keep as quiet as possible, because any slip can cause a lot of collateral damage, and could even weaken either side’s position in the suit. Don’t take anything you read at face value. It’s important to reiterate here that we do not even know why Kris filed the lawsuit. It is impossible to say if SM is at fault, or if Kris wants out, or what exactly has happened. And we will never know. So why talk?

The Rest of Exo Need Your Support

Whatever happens in the next year, it is unlikely that Kris would rejoin Exo at this point. His absence from the preparations of the upcoming Asia Tour is a huge issue, both for SM and his fellow group members who have to figure out how to cover his role. Even if a positive resolution comes out of the lawsuit, it would be hard to bring Kris back into the fold. In the meantime, there are eleven other members of Exo that desperately need your support, the five remaining members of Exo-M most especially. The more we talk about Kris, the more dischord we sow. Instead of focusing on the drama, let’s support Exo for the incredible group that they are. Still.

So Much Else Going On

Finally, we need to stop talking about Kris because there is so much else going on in the world of Kpop. Summer is always one of the best times of the year, with big name comebacks and fun concepts. It’s easy to get caught up in the bad situations and the drama, but take a moment, center yourself, and press play. There is so much music out there. If listening to Exo makes you sad, why not check out some of our favorite artists, or an underrated group, or even the beautiful artistry of Mystic 89. Don’t box yourself in.


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