MV of the Month: Boyfriend, ‘Obsession’

Boyfriend - "Obsession"

Sometimes we see a music video and instantly recognize it as our MV of the month. Other times, we dutifully watch every single release and scratch our heads, looking for an outlier, one that pushes the boundaries. But the best music video is not necessarily the one that leaps forward into new territory. Sometimes the best music video is the one that solidifies the genre through solid execution. Boyfriend’s “Obsession” is just such a video.

The Story

“Obsession” is a retelling of the Peter Pan story that casts the men of Boyfriend as the Lost Boys. When a young woman reads the story, she becomes immersed in the world of Never Neverland, eventually acting as the Wendy character. As she reads, the story unfolds (a simple, yet effective storytelling device). When the evil and abusive Peter Pan comes to steal Wendy away, the Lost Boys try to stop him with TNT. Peter Pan turns the bomb against them, however, and blows Wendy up in the process. Okay, yes, it’s a complicated story, but no more complicated than most. And it’s not the story that caught our attention, but the execution.

Boyfriend - "Obsession"

Why We Liked It

We absolutely love the hallway of books. The hallway has a long, and not very distinctive, history in Kpop. But finally (FINALLY!), someone took it one step further. In “Obsession,” the hallway becomes more than just a piece of geometry - it actually fits the concept! Something as simple as lining a hexagon with books helps tie the video together. We only wish more videos would follow suit.

Boyfriend - "Obsession"

In fact, almost everything about this music video is executed to perfection, from where the Lost Boys live (a glorified man-cave) to Wendy’s slow immersion in the story leading to her eventual appearance in the world of the video. For those of you upset by Wendy’s death, we think it’s fitting that she does not survive the music video. Wendy was always an outsider who could not stay in Never Neverland - here she maybe represents the Kpop fan who can sometimes feel a part of everything before reality comes rushing back in. Her “death” (disappearance?) is not glossed over by Boyfriend, either. The loss of Wendy turns them from carefree layabouts into hardened men, and when they don the infamous hook at the end, their transition to men motivated by anger and loss is complete. Here is a story with a real progression of character. How often do you get that from a three and a half minute video?

What This Means for Boyfriend

Boyfriend has been flirting with major popularity for some time now. They’ve had some good hits, and have steadily built up a following. But a music video like “Obsession” is huge for a group like Boyfriend. This will undoubtedly be the first music video that new fans watch for quite some time, and the good news is that it’s good enough to turn casual fans into Best Friends.


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