This Week in Kpop: June 15-21, 2014

AOA - "Short Hair"

While last week had so many new songs and videos we could barely list them all (and probably didn't), this week, with Korea highly invested in the World Cup, slowed down considerably. But still, no week in Kpop is without news: we saw the official debut of the impressive Mamamoo, comebacks from AOA and Beast, and the revelation that Girls' Generation's Taeyon and Exo's Baekhyun have been secretly dating for months, that caused a stir that we'll never quite understand! Let's get rolling with This Week in Kpop! 

Beast Delivers with "Good Luck" 

Beast - "Good Luck"

We reviewed Beast's new album this week, "Good Luck," and it impressed us to no end. All seven songs are killer, but we really can't stop singing "We Up." Considering that Beast recently performed this during their comeback showcase on M! Countdown, we're holding out hope for one more music video from the guys! Dare we hold our breath?

Underrated and Unknown: Kream

Kream - "Dalla"

The Kpop stars aligned this week when we discovered the little known and independent artist, Kream. He's brand spanking new, with only one music video and a collaboration to his name, but the talent is there. If you only do one thing for Kpop this week, listen to Kream.

Taeyon and Baekhyun Sitting in a Tree

Taeyeon + Baekhyun

Korean gossip hounds broke the news this week that Girls' Generation's Taeyeon and Exo's Baekhyun have been dating for four months. And the internet EXPLODED. While most fans were supportive of the new coupling, defending their right for privacy vehemently, there was a vocal minority that felt betrayed (somehow), leading to Taeyeon to apologize on Instagram for disappointing them. We find the whole controversy extremely strange. Why can't Kpop stars have their privacy? Date? These are some of the most beautiful people on the planet. No matter what they say as their media personas (most will feign loneliness), the assumption should be that they are dating and having the fun any twenty-something should have. Do fans really want their Kpop idols to be like Japan's AKB48, which forbids their members from dating (Remember: Minami Minegishi? You should.)? Kpop idols already give their blood and sweat, must they give their entire hearts too?

American Kpop Fans Need To Get Over Wa$$up

Wa$$up - "Nom Nom Nom"

This week we took a look at another controversy that makes us scratch our heads: Wa$$up. This group gets a disproportionate amount of venom from American fans, and while we do think there are some problems with the group, we feel the hate is unfair. You can check out why we think the hate should stop here.

Mamamoo's Brilliant (and Patient) Debut 


We are loving Mamamoo's "official" debut. Could they be Rookies of the Year? We think so. And it's because of their talent, but also because of the patience behind their introduction. See what we're talking about here.

AOA's "Short Hair" 

AOA came back this week with "Short Hair," giving us a main video, but also a Dance Practice Video: 

An Eye Contact Version: 

And even a Mirror Version? 

Yes, a mirror version, which some fans are affectionately calling the "butt version." Four videos for one song? Who do they think they are, T-ara? After their surprise first win at Inkigayo in February, FNC Entertainment is going all in. While the song is decent (albeit forgettable), the video feels like they're presenting pinup models with their slow motion shots of the girls. And yes, they're gorgeous, and in-sync, look great in jeans, and have unbelievable charisma. Could we be seeing the beginnings of another SNSD? It's unfair to compare at this point. (But maybe.)

Fan Perspecitves: Teaching Abroad

This week we had another fun fan perspective, this time with Nichele Anderson. Nichele talks about teaching abroad, meeting fans in Korea, and meeting Eunhyuk and his mother. That's right. Read about her story here. And if you have your own fan perspective, and we're sure you do, contact us on Facebook, won't you?

June 15-21, 2014 

And that's a wrap! This week actually turned out to be pretty eventful! We're excited to see how the rest of June'll turn out. But until then, did we miss anything? Is there anything we should've talked about? Comments are appreciated, feedback is invaluable. We'll see you in what should turn out to be another crazy week in the world of Kpop!


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