Underrated and Unknown: Kream

Kream, "Dalla"

In the midst of an exciting week of new releases and World Cup football, we stumbled across independent Korean artist, Kream, and instantly fell in love with the quality of his voice and the power of his single, “Dalla.” Take a listen for yourself.


We were hooked on this song from the first strum of the bass. That’s right, a real bass guitar in a Kpop song! Combine that with a catchy beat and Kream’s soulful voice and you have “Dalla.” It’s hard to explain just what this song has done to us in the short time since we’ve discovered it. It’s the one we keep searching out, putting on replay, listening to again. And yet, according to YouTube, he’s under 10,000 views. The disconnect between talent and recognition makes our Kpop hearts hurt. Drop what you’re doing, and go listen to Kream.

The story of the music video is a simple one. Kream is dissed, then rises (literally walks up a flight of stairs) stronger and more powerful than he was before. But simplicity is not always a bad thing, especially for a debut artist. For seasoned Kpop fans used to high production value, it’s difficult to be impressed by a new artist. Too often their attempts to mimic the big names come off as looking like cheap knockoffs. A simple music video avoids that altogether, and lets the music take center stage. For us, this is a flawless debut. Kream is still unknown, but for how much longer?

Who Is Kream?

Kream, or Kim Do Hun, is an independent artist and producer. He’s brand new to the scene, despite training for the past eight years. His only other official credit, aside from “Dalla,” is a collaboration with Kim Park Chella and Souldive on “Adore You,” where Kream both featured and co-wrote the lyrics. But if this brief glimpse of Kream has left you needing more, you can always check out some of his covers on his YouTube page. They’re worth a listen, and more evidence that Kream is a good bet for future success!


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