Underrated Artist: NS Yoon-G

NS Yoon-G - "I Got You"

We can't say this enough. NS Yoon-G should be a POP SUPERSTAR. She's got it all - the voice, the look, the sex appeal, the class, the songs, the charisma. The video for "I Got You" (the official version is conspicuously missing from YouTube) is one of our top ten Kpop videos ever. Of all time. Which is to say, she's grossly, unthinkably, underrated. 

Why Can't NS Yoon-G Get Famous?

And Everybody Knows It

NS Yoon-G was asked during an interview on Yoo Hee-Yeol's Sketchbook just why it was that when you type her name into an internet search, auto-fill turns it into "why can't NS Yoon-G get famous?" She answered with amazing poise and humility, stating that everyone had a different answer to that question, but that she was focusing on improving herself. An elegant answer to a needling question. But what the auto-fill really suggests is that NS Yoon-G already possesses all the qualities she needs. She has talent. She has charisma. And she has versatility.


Even though her latest video, "Yasisi," lacked the punch of a "Reason to Become a Witch," we were still impressed with the jazzy sex appeal that gave a different side to NS Yoon-G, one that still felt natural. That's the great thing about NS Yoon-G, she can sing electronic club hits like "Just Dance" and the infectious "Don't Go Back," but feel totally comfortable with beautiful love songs like "If You Love Me" (with Jay Park). No matter what NS Yoon-G does, she's versatile enough to make it amazing. All that's missing are the hordes of fans. We're confident that they'll come.


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