Five Female Solo Debuts We Want to See

Amber from F(x)

This year has seen big name solo debuts from the likes of Hyoseong, Jiyeon, and, just this week, Hyomin. And we're loving it (mostly). It's great to see some of our favorite girls break out and commandeer the spotlight. But it makes us think, who else could flourish as a solo artist? We've picked five female artists, in no particular order, that we'd want to see solo too. Let's take a look!


Woori Rainbow

Rainbow actually has a few idols that could make an impression as solo artists. Of course, Kim Jae-kyung is a great singer, and other members like Jisook and Hyunyoung are both cute and sexy, but what Woori has that sets her apart is an edge. Even when she's smiling you know that she's a badass. She's a fantastic rapper and commands attention anytime she's on stage, even when she's not singing. Woori also has a large range, from cute to sexy concepts, then back again (Rainbow's all over the place). Team her up with some star cameos and have her do a rap mini-album, and we think she'd go far.  


Lime Hello Venus

Lime can do it all: rap, belt out ballads, dance. She has charisma, the looks, stage presence, and a smile that can save the world. She made that clear just from Hello Venus' debut song (See: Hello Venus) and has been a standout since. Though it's probably too early for her to go solo, we can't help but hope she gets the chance. She has so much talent that it's almost frustrating to see her share time with other Hello Venus members (talented as they are), which makes us really believe she would flourish under a spotlight made for one. Mark our words: Within five years, Lime will be a superstar.


Sojin Girl's Day

Sojin is a Kpop veteran. She's weathered years of middling disappointment before finally reaching the top with Girl's Day. And yes, we've heard, a long while ago now, that fellow member Minah is preparing for a solo debut. But we really think that Sojin could be a killer solo star too. She has what many idols don't have, a mature, adult sexiness, and a confident drive that's built on experience. She also has an amazing voice that she can belt out with the best of them. We're big fans of Sojin. She's a fighter that has earned respect from the fans. After everything she's sacrificed, wouldn't it be fitting that she became the next breakout solo artist?


Amber F(x)

Amber may be the easiest person to justify on this list. Kpop fans fell in love with her boyish charms and stayed in love with her because she's not just talented, she's maybe one of the most down-to-earth stars in the industry. Maybe any industry. With the right promotion and concept, a solo debut from Amber could be HUGE. And we're thinking even beyond Korean shores, to America, LA born Amber could become a crossover star. F(x) has long been underutilized by SM Entertainment, and still, they're a major force in Kpop. With the amount of time between comebacks the group has (which is a crime), there's no reason that Amber shouldn't get a chance to break out with a solo hit between the long breaks. But would SM ever let her?

Ga Yoon

Ga Yoon 4Minute

Hyuna may be the biggest star of 4Minute, but we've always thought Ga Yoon had more talent. Though it'd be almost impossible for her to accomplish the same success Hyuna has, we still think that Cube Entertainment would do well to give Ga Yoon her own solo venue. 2Yoon was great, but not enough! If you teamed Ga Yoon with stars of the caliber of Hyunseung and PSY, she'd be a household name too. She has the vocals and the talent, and there's more than enough room in Cube Entertainment for another big solo act. Isn't there?

Well, there's our list! We know that you must have someone in mind that we didn't think of! Sound off in the comments! Let your opinion be heard!


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