Kpop Fans: Wear a Button, Blame the Victim!

In honor of the courageous men and women who are engaging in victim blaming this week, Critical Kpop is releasing a series of commemorative buttons! These will help you show Sulli how you really feel! Print one out now, or give it to your friends! Tell Sulli that you support her, just not her human dignity!

Because that's what we're really saying when we blame Sulli.

This is your job, and you’re under contract.
Translation: I am oblivious to the difference between a recording contract and slave labor. I do not understand why mental health should affect your music. The music I want has nothing to do with art or emotion or heartfelt performance. I want music fresh off the assembly line, and I want you to feel as much like a robot (slave) as possible while you perform it.

Get some thicker skin.
Translation: I’d like you to ignore all the terrible things I’m saying about you.

You owe it to your fans to perform.
Translation: I bought your album which means that I should have a say in how you live your life. And right now I’d like you to dance for me. Dance, clown. Now smile when I tell you your arms are fat.

You are selfish.
Translation: I support you 100% except when silly things like your human dignity get in the way of me enjoying my music.

Now let's all get out there and pin a button on the true fans, the cyber-bullies who courageously blame Sulli! We salute them as heroes.

We also have exciting button options for other fan favorites, including:


  1. This article is a true gem. I would really love it, when more people, who feel entitled to judge another humans (Sulli) life with an absolute lack of empathy would read this. The expectations of those people are beyond humane, only left with an explanation like "derp herp but she's an idol, blah, professionalism, blah betraying other f(x) members" It's always the same, hyped judgement, while being totally unconscious about the truth in those rumors.
    Ok I'm know in rage mode which is in fact not good for my skin. Gonna drink a cup of green tea.
    You know what? I'm gonna share dat. Good night.


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