This Week in Kpop: July 13-20, 2014

Sistar Touch my Body Teaser

While we bemoaned a week of male dominance sometime ago, Kpop's pendulum took a swing towards girls this week with f(x) and Girl's Day stealing the show. With Sistar and Hyuna set to make their comebacks soon, it looks like the rest of the summer may be dominated by the women of Kpop. We were also relieved this week that the various scandals seemed to have died down (at least momentarily). Are we seeing a turn for the better? Is everyday really girl's day? We have so many questions so let's begin! 

Girl's Day: Elite or Emerging?

Sojin Girls Day Darling

This week didn't have too many major releases, but why would you need anything else with Girl's Day coming back? We took a look at their new release and questioned whether they are an emerging group or if they can finally be considered elite. You can check that out here. But what do you think? Are we way off here?

Crayon Pop in America: Are They Ready? Are We?

Crayon Pop and Lady Gaga

Crayon Pop is opening for Lady Gaga right here in America, a prospect both wonderful and terrifying. Are you ready to check out our look at the implications here? 

Underrated Artists: Fiestar

Fiestar Underrated

This week we took a look at another underrated group, this time it's Fiestar. We actually think that stories of their slow start are overblown, but what will it take to reach that elite level? And at what cost? Check out and chime in here.

Sistar's "Touch My Body" Teaser

While this week was relatively quiet with major releases, next week may provide us with a massive showdown between Sistar, f(x), and Girl's Day. Sistar's teasers mix the sexy and wacky sides of the group that worked so well in "So Cool." Hopefully, the song and video impresses, and we're expecting it will, with Sistar's track record. Is it July 21st yet?!

J-Min's "Shine" 

J-Min is an SM artist that, if we're being honest here, we've never heard of before, but probably should have. Looks like she performs mostly in Japan? We're liking "Shine" and the surreal space video. Look like J-Min can really play guitar too, so that's extra points there. Will we see her perform on music shows? We sure hope so!

Eddy Kim's "Darling"

Wow. While Eddy Kim's song sounds sweet as the end of a summer's day, this video is topped with some downright filthy innuendos. We're surprised it got passed the censors, as conservative as Korea is. But we're glad it did, because it's hilarious and audacious and maybe the better of the "Darling" releases of this week (sorry, Girl's Day). NOT FOR KIDS.

Dynamic Duo and DJ Premier's "Aeao" 

Dynamic Duo came back with their newest single, "Aeao," a collaboration with DJ Premier. It's a relaxing, old-school sound that you can really ride to, just another reminder why Choiza and Gaeko are one of the best-selling hip-hop groups in Kpop!

Infinite's "Back" Teaser

Infinite Is releasing "Back" next week and the video, if it's anything like the teaser, promises to be super dramatic in a way that only Kpop videos can be. Boy groups + blood and pain = Money. And we love that.

Hyuna Teases Too

Hyuna Teaser

Did we forget to mention that Hyuna released some teaser pics for her upcoming comeback? July 25th is the date, and we're anticipating a hit, but hopefully that hit can top the disappointing "Ice Cream." Can we get something closer to "Troublemaker?" Or something more serious than "Bubble Pop?" We hope so.

July 13-20, 2014  

So that was the Week in Kpop! We liked that things slowed down a bit after a tumultuous year. But did we forget anything? We expect next week to pick up the pace again with the likes of Sistar, Hyuna, and Infinite. But can they all deliver big hits? And how will Girl's Day fare with all the competition? We shall see!


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