This Week in Kpop: July 21-26, 2014

Block B Her

This week saw the much-anticipated returns of Block B and Sistar but also brought us back into the world of scandal! Did the good outweigh the bad this week? If f(x) can't save the summer, can Block B? Or maybe Sistar? Or are we all just waiting for Hyuna? Let's get started! 

Review: Block B Delivers Again with ‘Her’

This week we reviewed Block B's amazing Her. And we can't believe it, but they've outdone themselves. Again. See why we think the album deserves nothing but the best hype and awards, by clicking right here

Ma Body! A Review of Sistar's 'Touch and Move'

Sistar Touch and Move

We also reviewed Sistar's comeback with Touch and Move. Though the mini-album impressed, we had some reservations about where Sistar is going and why they should be worried about their competition. And what's the deal with that butt shake? Check out the full review here

Scandal of the Week 

f(x) Sulli Scandal Red Light

SM Entertainment announced this week that f(x) would be stopping promotions for "Red Light" early, because of the malicious rumors attached to the embattled Sulli. It seems like a drastic move and another hit against the biggest Kpop agency. SM is having a tough year. A terrible year. But so are many Kpop stars, who have had their lives upended because of media tactics. We were just excited that f(x) is back. We devoted a whole week to them here at Critical Kpop. And now, they're gone. Again. 

Hyuna's "Red" Teaser

Hyuna's teasers of "Red" received a lot of attention this week, and we thought her MV would come out this week, but it didn't! But, so far, we've been impressed with the promise of "Red." It already looks ten times better than "Ice Cream," and, maybe unintentionally, it seems to have a touch of subversiveness too, especially with the red monkey butt. We have a lot of hope for this comeback and hopefully it'll deliver! 

Heyne's "Red Lie" 

A lot of "Reds" this summer! f(x)'s "Red Light," Hyuna's "Red," just above, and now we have Heyne's "Red Lie," somewhere in between. We hope that she doesn't get lost in the shuffle, since this is a cool video and song that takes a step away from her super cute aegyo-type songs of the past (and it's probably hard for her not to do aegyo with her singing voice as high pitched as it is). What we're trying to say is: Watch this video!

Ra.D's "As Always" 

And watch this video too. Ra.D's voice will be worth the view, but the video itself is inventive and beautiful, sublime and understated. This needs more views! 

Yenny's "Aint Nobody" 

Or is it HA:TFELT now? Whatever she's calling herself, Yenny is showing that Sumni isn't the only Wonder Girl that can make a killer solo debut. Yenny looks fierce here and with all the problems SM is having this year, JYP has a real opportunity to dominate the rest of the year. We can't wait to see this! 

Kpop #trending: Self-Presence in Video Games

Kpop Video Games

This week we examined avatars, sandboxing, and virtual reality. We don't often realize it, but our interactions in video games are actively shaping audience perspective within the music videos genre. The phenomenon called self-presence may just be the trend that forever changes the way we consume Kpop. Click here to Start.

July 21-26th, 2014 

So there's the Week in Kpop! Things are starting to pick up now, with Girl's Day, Sistar, Hyuna, Block B, and many others fighting for a top spot in the charts! Too bad f(x) has gone away again, but we'll always have "Red Light," won't we? And they'll be back, won't they? Here's hoping! See you next week!


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