This Week in Kpop: July 6-12, 2014

f(x) Red Light

Week of f(x)

This week we shifted our focus almost exclusively on f(x). We have so few chances to talk about these girls that we've taken this long (so long) awaited comeback for all it's worth! And why not? They're only one of the best groups in Kpop, aren't they? Agree? Disagree? Take a look at some of our posts and let us know what you think! 

f(x)'s Red Light: A Full Album Review

f(x) Red Light Review

f(x) didn't just come out with a song or a mini-album, they came out with a full studio album! Eleven songs! And we take a look at all of them here. What grade does "Red Light" deserve? 

Image and Imagination in f(x)'s "Red Light" 

f(x) Red Light Music Video

As much as we loved the song, the video for "Red Light" was perplexing for sure. We break it down for you, and our expectations for Kpop music videos, here

SM Entertainment, LISTEN: f(x) is Your Future (Deal With It)  

It's crazy to think that it's been a year since f(x)'s last comeback, and a year between that comeback and the last too. What's the deal, SM? Don't you know that f(x) is you future? Check out our message to the music empire here

NU'EST's "Good Bye Bye" 

It wasn't all f(x) this week in Kpop. NU'EST came back this week with "Good Bye Bye." We're enjoying this song, but can someone explain the video to us? We love the strange blue fish/rose sequence, and the use of the apartment as a stage, and even NU'EST doubling over in pain. The sparklers though at the end? This video is a puzzle (maybe).

Park Ji Yoon's "Yoo Hoo"

There are very few things we love more in Kpop than Park Ji Yoon and Mystic89. See: "Yoo Hoo" if you want to know why. It's a beauty.

Girl's Day's "Darling" Teaser

Speaking of beauty, Girl's Day began it's teasing this week for their comeback song, "Darling." It looks like a combination of the cute they began their careers with, and a more restrained sexiness then they've been showing lately. Comeback is next week and we're super excited to see what Girl's Day has in store, especially after they've finally made their way to elite status. 

Henry's "Fantastic"

Henry came back this week with "Fantastic." And we're impressed. We love the violin being integrated into the choreography, and combined with the sleekness of SM videos, there's a little old school mixed with new school here that works well.

The End of Plagiarism in Kpop?

Airplane Back to the Future

In the sea of controversy that is Kpop these days, you might have missed the new release, “Back to the Future,” from hip hop group, Airplane. You might also have missed the Kpop fans who are crying foul. According to many, Airplane has plagiarized a section of their refrain from the popular Green Day song, “21 Guns.” See our thoughts on plagiarism, in Kpop, here.

July 6-12, 2014 

So that was the week in Kpop! We took a nice break from the scandals and some of the mayhem by focusing on f(x) and it was just what we needed! We feel refreshed and ready to enjoy the rest of the summer. But what about next week? Who knows in the world of Kpop!


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