This Week in Kpop: June 29-July 5, 2014

f(x) Redlight Red Eye

Do not be alarmed by the giant red eye. It's just This Week in Kpop! And what a week it was! As June finished and July began, we saw huge comebacks, long anticipated debuts, and, unfortunately, more scandals. Which begs the question: if Girls' Generation, Exo, and 2NE1 aren't safe in the media machine, who really is? But let's start somewhere far less controversial with Boyfriend and their "Obsession," shall we?

MV of the Month: Boyfriend, "Obsession" 

Boyfriend Kpop Obsession

With the end of June, we were called upon this week to pick our MV of the Month. This time, we've picked Boyfriend's "Obsession." Check out why here, and let us know if we're right in our choice or way off here.

Nice Body! A Review of Hyomin's Solo Debut

Hyomin Nice Body

After a boys-dominated June, this week saw a mighty comeback for our girls of Kpop! Hyomin finally, FINALLY, had her solo debut, and though we were impressed with some aspects, there was a lot here that gave us pause. Check out our in-depth review here to get the full scoop of Hyomin's debut.

Five Female Solo Debuts We Want to See

Amber f(x) solo

With Hyomin's release this week, we couldn't help wonder what female artists would benefit from taking a turn under the spotlight. Of course, Amber from f(x) would make a killer solo career, but who else? Check out our five picks here, and then let us know who you'd want to see solo, won't you?

Scandal of the Week: Park Bom 

Park Bom 2NE1 Drug Scandal

We won't bore you with the convoluted details of this story since you can just Google: "2NE1 Scandal." But we do have to mention this story for posterity. Decades from now, future Kpop fans may very will look at 2014 with intense confusion. Regardless of what Park Bom did or didn't do four years ago, the obsession to pick apart her life, even questioning her age, is...gross. We wish stories like this wouldn't get the attention they've received. But here we are talking about it, so maybe we're culpable too? Let's move on.

F(x)'s "Red Light"

Speaking of f(x), this week saw their long awaited comeback with "Red Light." Next week we'll see a whole album, which we will review! All we have to say now is: it's about time! One comeback a year is not a good average, SM Entertainment! Just because SNSD is more of an institution than a Kpop group, doesn't mean every group within your agency has to follow a yearly musical cycle. Hopefully, more will come from f(x), as we're getting a full album here that should provide many potential hits! 

And the newest member of Kara is...

Youngji! She was declared the winner this week in the Kara Project, and controversy ensued. DSP decided to only have one winner instead of the implied two, to ease the process. But if they were interested in making this a reasonable transition, how come they're shooting for an August comeback? There are also questions of Youngji being the ideal candidate. She missed the first two performances due to injury, which somehow didn't effect her standing within the competition. On top of that, the scrutiny she will receive from fans may be unprecedented. Any human would have difficulty in overcoming that pressure. Youngji has a month.

Fiestar's "One More"

Fiestar came back this week with "One More," and we were impressed. It's a sexy concept that won't get the more prudish fans upset, and the song is one of their best. We've enjoyed Fiestar since "Vista" - some people view them as under-performing somehow, which we don't get. They're still relatively new, and these things take time. They have some good songs and charismatic members. Patience, people! Patience!

Tiny-G's "Ice Baby"

Tiny-G came back this week with a cute concept that we're liking. There are actually some cool effects here too that really surprised us. Check it out!  

Star-Spangled Kpop: The Best MVs Set in America

Kpop America

This week America celebrated its' independence, so why can't Kpop join in? Here's our list of the best Kpop videos set in America. Are we missing anything? Let us know!

June 29-July 5, 2014 

So that was the Week in Kpop! Did we miss anything? We're sure we did! Was there anything we didn't talk about that you wanted us to mention? And what about the multitude of scandals? Are we perpetuating their existence by confronting them? We wonder, sometimes. Next week will see the release of f(x)'s new full album and we're excited. We'll cover that and more next week, so see you then!


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