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Fiestar Underrated One More
Though they may be too new to truly be called underrated, we really think Fiestar should get more attention than they have, even as a sophomore group. They wowed us with their debut song, "Vista." almost two years ago now. The song was a perfect introduction to the group, establishing them as a talented sextet with high ambition and optimism. That's what we loved about Fiestar from the beginning, they were the ultimate Pollyannas, and we don't mean that in the bad way, they were so enthusiastic with their choreography and singing that you'd be hard pressed to doubt their future success.  

Observe the lyrics: "Whenever I feel small and tired, I look up, higher. There is only one word in my heart. Try." Cheesy? A bit. But the way these girls performed "Vista" made you want to believe too. 

"We Don't Stop" follows the debut up with optimism but is a far inferior song, choppy to the point of mania, it could very well be three songs smashed together, to middling results. But Fiestar still pulled it off, and we were rooting for these girls. How could you not root for baby-faced Jei? Or the hilarious Cao Lu? Or the super talented Linzy? Or Hyemi, who wants so desperately to succeed? Or the badass Yezi? And Cheska? She left the group just before this most recent comeback, and we miss her. 

Cheska Fiestar

We root for them because Fiestar has made great strides to market themselves so well with the limited resources they have. A part of Loen Entertainment, but under the Collabodadi label (it's a bit confusing), they've made strides to reach out to their fans. Their "Aha!" program on Loen Entertainment's YouTube channel, where Jia, Cheska (miss her), and Cao Lu introduce Korean words to their international fans, had a strong following and really highlighted their fun personalities. That was only one of their programs though, and while many girl groups develop programming to reach new fans, few have done it better, and with as much energy, as Fiestar. 

But where is Fiestar heading? It looks like a more adult direction. "I Don't Know" was a massive improvement as a song over "We Don't Stop," but as a concept? We worry that with this new sexiness and maturity, the unabashed optimism that we loved so much about Fiestar will have to be abandoned. It's not so much the sexiness that is the problem, it's the loss of fun. And we love fun. And with the controversy surrounding more of the racier lyrics in their latest, "One More," will Fiestar get the right kind of attention? Or is any attention, at this point, good attention? We're not so sure. 

So why do we consider Fiestar underrated with all our concerns? Because we know that every group, from Glam to SNSD goes through growing pains and learning cycles. And even with our apprehensions, we can't deny that "One More" is actually a very solid song, and the girls, even down to five, are still a very talented group. We think they should get more attention. And maybe, if they get that attention, they can return to the bright optimistic songs that we need to hear sometimes, on those gloomy days where nothing seems to be going our way.


  1. "Hyemi, who wants so desperately to succeed"
    LOL she seemsto be the most underrated member in Fiestar but she's all around talented.
    Have you watched the One More dacne practice? The Two Main Vocals also looks like the best dancers in the group.

    I Loved We dont stop. it's on Par with Vista Really. I dont get the hate.


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