This Week in Kpop: August 17-23, 2014

Kara Mamma Mia

Kara! BTS! Orange Caramel! Jay Park! Stellar?! This Week in Kpop was so massive that we can barely contain it! But here we are, yet again, to try our best. Enough with the intros, let's get this started, now!

"My Copycat" is More than a Music Video. It's an Evolutionary Shift. 

Orange Caramel My Copycat

Orange Caramel keeps surprising us, and their latest comeback hit, "My Copycat," really pushes music videos to a new level. This is not hyperbole. No exaggerations necessary. This is a game changer. Read here to understand why.

Hip Hop and its Complications in BTS' "American Hustle Life"

BTS American Hustle Life

BTS not only came back this week with the impressive "Danger," they've also been getting attention with their variety show, "American Hustle Life" which transports them to LA to get hip hop schooling from some American greats. 'L' takes a look at the show and the appropriation of hip hop, in this detailed, informative piece. Check that out here!

Review: Debut Artist, "Cipher" 

Cipher Rapper Kpop

We love finding new artists, or artists just breaking into mainstream Kpop culture. So we were definitely happy to hear about Cipher, and not just hear about him, listen to his debut single and mixtape. We think that he has a bright future in store, but there is also some room for growth! He's worth a look, and so's our review here!

Kara's "Mamma Mia" 

Kara's "Mamma Mia" came out this week, and we have some mixed feelings. Yes, this feels vintage Kara. In fact, it feels like "Mamma Mia" is trying so hard to be Kara to prove that they are, with all the turmoil, still Kara. The song and video itself feel almost perfunctory compared to the desire of re-establishing their base. That's why we're so mixed on this video, it feels like Kara is going through the motions, and is that so bad? Of course, Young-ji is going to take time to integrate herself into the group. It's not fair to assume she's going to be a major part of the group when she's only been a part of Kara for what? A little under two months? But for now, "Mamma Mia" doesn't really bring Kara to new levels. It's not a risky song, and that's the smart move, for now.

Jay Park's "The Promise"

Jay Park's slick video for "The Promise" will surely leave many fans swooning. His upcoming album, Evolution, doesn't drop until September 1st, so consider this smooth video and single a preview to bigger things to come! 

Stellar's "Mask"

After shocking the Kpop world and outraging a surprisingly strong conservative fan-base with "Marionette," Stellar returned this week with the much more low-key "Mask." The sexy concept will still anger some Kpop fans, but we enjoyed this song and thought that "Marionette" though perhaps too raunchy, was one of the best girl group songs of the year. We hope the hate dies down with their comeback. Regardless how one feels about sexy concepts, we're never on the side of fans that shame and belittle female (and male) idols.

BTS' "Danger"

BTS is back! But you knew that already. Check out their incredible "Danger," and then come back next week for our extensive review of the full album, Dark and Wild!

Five Reasons Why Taemin's "Danger" MV is so Cool (and ridiculous) 

Taemin Danger MV Guitar

Yes, Taemin's solo debut is ridiculous. Just look at the assault guitar above. But it's also incredibly addicting and maybe one of the best solo turns of the year. We have five reasons why we think that, here.

August 17-23, 2014  

We have to admit, this week, and more specifically, this post, has a special place in our hearts. This post, the one you've just been reading, is our one hundredth post ever. It's a small milestone, but it's one that we wish to mark for posterity. We're so proud of the work we've accomplished in just a few months, but there's so much more we want to do, and so much further we want to expand. We truly love Kpop and appreciate the opportunity to share that love with you. Thank you for giving us that chance. But be ready! We're just getting started!


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