This Week in Kpop: August 24-30, 2014

Super Junior Comeback

When was the last time we saw Super Junior? Well they're back this week, and so are we. And that's not all. We have BTS, Ice Bucket Challenges, and a desperate appeal to Sunny Hill fans. Are you ready for This Week in Kpop? Let's get started!

Review: BTS Unleashes "Dark and Wild"

BTS - "Danger"

BTS is back and we have a review of their entire album. Does "Dark and Wild" hold up? Is BTS reaching another level? Are they changing the face of hip hop? Find out here!

With "Monday Blues," Sunny Hill is as Subversive as Ever. Seriously. 

Sunny Hill still subversive

We've been seeing Sunny Hill get a lot of flack with their most recent comeback, "Monday Blues," and that's coming from their fans. And though we understand how Sunny Hill's evolution can seem like a dramatic departure from their previous work, we also think that they're not as different as you may believe. Confused? We'll break it down for you here.

Does the Ice Bucket Challenge Translate? 

Kpop Ice Bucket Challenge

The viral Ice Bucket Challenge hit Kpop like a storm this past week, with totals of over 150 Kpop stars participating. So we had to ask, is Kpop now a major player in internet activism? Here's what we found.

Super Junior's "Mamacita"

Super Junior has come back and it's been a few years too long to get "Mamacita." We think the song is catchy, the dance is grooving, and the music video a bit disappointing. Wacky expressions accompanying a convoluted heist story is done better with Block B instituting the mayhem. The western elements don't really mesh well with the dance sequences, but enough about all that, Super Junior is back. This is not a drill. This is not a dream. Three million views in just a few days says they're still relevant. And people are raving about the album. But can Super Junior compete with the Winners and the BTS's of the world? The landscape of Kpop has certainly changed since their last appearance as a full group. These upcoming weeks will give us our answer.

Nasty Nasty's Teaser, "Knock" 

We've getting more tidbits from the upcoming trio, Nasty Nasty. Kyung Li (of Nine Muses), Sojin, and ZE:A's Kevin are sure raising the sex appeal to an eleven. While Troublemaker comparisons surround the project, perhaps unfairly, we're looking forward to see what a trio co-ed concept would look like, and hoping too that we get a sexy concept that learns towards the mature variety instead of shock value. Next week will prove to be interesting!

Kpop Idols Winning, Crying

Kpop idols crying

We can't help ourselves. We love watching idols win at music shows. We love seeing them cry. Are we alone here? Is something wrong with us? Read our thoughts, and then tell us, please, that we're okay.

August 24-30, 2014

That was the week in Kpop! We're happy to see that Super Junior has returned, and with Winner getting big wins, BTS getting big recognition, and Taemin's stunning solo turn, Kpop is returning to the boys. We'll be interested to see if girl groups like Kara and Sistar will be able to win music shows in the coming weeks, or if they'll be shut out by boy dominance. And what about Nasty Nasty? Are they about to explode onto the Kpop world? We're excited at the possibilities. See you next week!


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