This Week in Kpop: August 3-9, 2014

BTS Comeback Symbol

This week saw another tumultuous week in Kpop. But wonderful things are on the horizon. Is that Secret making a sexy comeback? Is Girls' Generation TTS gearing up for a return? BTS? Is that you over there? PSY's back? Kara is too? There's too much on the horizon to get bogged down in the dog days of summer. Isn't there?

Review: Red Velvet's "Happiness"

Red Velvet Happiness

Red Velvet had an amazing/terrible debut week. With controversies and hate mixed with over-exuberance from newly minted fans, how is Red Velvet's "Happiness," really? We took a close look in our review here.

Scandal of the Week: Kemy and Park Bom's Sad Story

Kemy Park Bom Diss

Kemy's diss of Park Bom ignited the Blackjacks this week, and we haven't seen a response this seething in quite some time. In the end, no one comes out looking good here, and that just seems sad to us. You can read our thoughts on the situation here.

BTS' Comeback Teaser

BTS' teaser, which featured Rap Monster, was far more than just a teaser, it was a release onto itself. Don't let the beginning fool you, which graphics that feel plucked from Red Velvet's "Happiness," these boys haven't gone soft. This is a killer track that builds as the world disintegrates, and by the end, the intensity is breathtaking. This isn't a throwaway teaser. We LOVE this.

Spica's "I Did It"

This is a very interesting English release from one of our favorite groups, Spica. The problem isn't that this song isn't good, it's actually impressive how good their English is here. The problem is that this song isn't anywhere near as good as even their last release, "You Don't Love Me," which was sly, powerful, and subversive. "I Did It" is a B-track, and the production value of the value keeps that feel. Which is fine, this isn't a major release that (probably?) will be performed on major Kpop music shows. It looks like they'll be performing in America though, and we'll keep track this story here. But still, if you're going to have an American release shouldn't you go all in? Shouldn't you bring your very best? 

Ladies' Code's "Kiss Kiss" 

Ladies' Code came back this week in a female-dominated summer. While there was a lot to like about the song, it does have many similarities, and an almost identical feel to "Pretty Pretty." This is a fun song, and an interesting video, but we can't help but feel that the group is in a bit of a funk. 

Secret's "I'm in Love" Teaser

We might be most excited about this right here. Not just that Secret is back, but that they're going back to the sexier, more mature fare that made them so popular with hits like "Poison." We'll never understand why they went down that aegyo route, and why they did it for so long. Secret had an adult sexiness that rivaled Brown Eyed Girls. We're excited to see its return.

Five Seriously Weird Kpop Videos

Weird Kpop Videos

This week we gave you five Kpop videos that pushed the bounds of our expectations. Not viral weird, but unexpected and unexplained weird. You'll have to read our article to see what we mean. You can check that out here.

Emunah (After HyunA) by Rosebud Ben-Oni

HyunA Red Poetry

One of our goals here at Critical Kpop has always been to elevate the conversation with Kpop. We feel that introducing new ways to look at and interact with Kpop will only bring Kpop analysis to another level. With that in mind, we're proud this week to bring you Kpop poetry. We've asked the poet, Rosebud Ben-Oni, herself a fan of Kpop, to write a piece, and she brought us the beautiful "Emunah (After HyunA)." This is just the beginning. Check out the poem here.

August 3-9, 2014

That was the week in Kpop, a week that oddly felt like everyone was on a holding pattern. We've gotten some releases, but the news here is the teases. BTS should have an amazing comeback, and so should Secret, Kara, Girls' Generation TTS, PSY, Orange Caramel, T-ara --- the next few weeks in Kpop will be very interesting with this glut of releases. We needed this holding week before the Kpop explosion!


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