Breaking News: Jessica and Tyler Kwon Spotted in Same Photoshopped Image Together

Breaking News: Internet sleuths have uncovered disturbing evidence that now suggests Jessica and Tyler Kwon have been sharing the same photoshopped image. Many netizens claim this is clear indication that the two are separated only by the hand of the person that stitched the two photos together.

Dispatch released the image shortly after Jessica posted her expulsion from Girls’ Generation via her Weibo account. Many claim that the wealthy Tyler Kwon is partially to blame, and if the picture is determined to be an authentic photoshopped image, netizens claim they will have all the proof they need.

We chased down a top photography expert, with over twenty years of experience in debunking fakes and frauds for the FBI. “It’s erie,” said our analyst who wished to remain anonymous. “I can see that the vanishing point doesn’t line up, and yet all my years of training tell me that this photo is the real deal.” The analyst shared exclusively with Critical Kpop that after enhancing the reflection in Jessica’s sunglasses, there’s a perfect image of Tyler Kwon.

The evidence is stacking up, making it difficult for even diehard SONEs to keep the faith. “Can you imagine what this photo would look like if it were actually two photos,” asked one longtime SNSD fan. “It would almost look like they weren’t in the same place at the same time. But I think that’s just me being hopeful.”

If SM Entertainment doesn’t release a statement soon, fans will have no choice but to accept the veracity of the image, and everything that it would imply, ghost suitcases included.


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