MV of the Month: Orange Caramel, ‘My Copycat’

Orange Caramel - "My Copycat"

Three months of summer fun is already behind us, and now we have the unenviable task of choosing the best Kpop music video of August. There were some great candidates from Sunny Hill, Taemin, Red Velvet, and even Super Junior. But there was never any doubt that Orange Caramel would scoop another win with “My Copycat.” It’s their second music video of the month in 2014, an outstanding achievement for a sub-unit. More than that, though, “My Copycat” signals an evolutionary shift in the world of Kpop.

Finding Innovation in a Stagnant Artform

“My Copycat” is a completely different music video than what we’re used to seeing. And that’s all in the name of engagement. Every ounce of this music video is given over to making the visual experience as accessible as possible. And that, in turn, should drive viewer engagement. The idea is that viewers will find a renewed interest in the music video each time they watch, noticing differences in the scenes, finding a new focal point in the wide shots, and even searching for Nana, Raina, and Lizzy in the Where’s Waldo scenes. More than that, viewers will be compelled to share, post, like, and comment when they find these differences, all of which will propel the trio forward.

Orange Caramel also drives viewer engagement by ignoring the customary glitz and glamour in favor of a more pedestrian look, and by simplifying their choreography into the most basic of steps. They intentionally remove that layer of unattainability that surrounds most Kpop idols. With dance moves this easy, and with costumes this normal, anyone can be like Nana, Raina, and Lizzy! “My Copycat” is unique in that it actively encourages the viewer to get up and, well, copy the video!

Impressively, Orange Caramel is also able to bridge their concept of viewer engagement into the live performances. Music Core used a Frozen them, always popular, and performances at Inkigayo have used Marilyn Monroe and Where’s Waldo concepts. All in all, though, “My Copycat” earns our pick for music video of the month for August because Orange Caramel have somehow found a way to pluck pure innovation out of a stagnant art form. Our hope is that we’re witnessing the rebirth (or evolution) of the Kpop music video.

Orange Caramel Tribute to Marilyn Monroe at Inkigayo

The Future?

Back in march we predicted that sub-unit, Orange Caramel, was ready to go full-time, and it looks like Pledis has validated that opinion. After School has been suspiciously quiet while Orange Caramel release hit after hit. Though there’s no indication of Nana, Raina, and Lizzy leaving the larger group, it’s clear that the trio now has enough star power to go it alone. But a full split from After School isn’t necessary for the success of Orange Caramel. In fact, a split might just alienate some of their fans. So far, we’re happy with the way Pledis has played it.

Our biggest fear is seeing Orange Caramel burn out. Success takes a massive amount of hard work, and with three hit singles in less than a year, rest and recuperation might be the best way forward. We hope that the women of Orange Caramel won’t be pressured into joining up again with After School too quickly. The last thing we want is for this trio to lose the iconic bounce in their step.


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