MV of the Month: Puer Kim, 'Bank'

Though shes isn't exactly burning up the charts with her debut, Puer Kim is having an amazing year. Have you listened to her mini-album, Purifier? Perfection. There's at least three songs out of there that are staggering in vocals and complexity. Mystic 89 definitely knows how to find and package their artists. So it should be no surprise that Puer Kim's "Bank" is our MV of the Month. But if you are surprised, we'll give you five reasons why you shouldn't be. 

5. Visually Stunning

Think Mad Men. Or maybe a Kubrick film? The colors here are important. The purples, the yellows, reds, the industrial blues and browns. Solid and strong and deliberate. Not enough Kpop videos seriously consider color as a visual tool, how different colors can create a spectacular image or reinforce an eerie mood.

4. Strange

Speaking of the eerie mood, there's just enough off with this video to make it endlessly re-watchable. The young models with similar hairstyles and uniforms have an odd disassociated look. It's dreamlike, outerworldly even. Like Puer Kim's previous video, "Manyo Maash," all of these images serve as a metaphor for a bigger problem. These girls are certainly used differently in this video than the mannequins were used in Manyo Maash, (the mannequins representing the music elite, the models represent working tirelessly). But both representations are odd and striking.

3. Clever Concept

While we've seen many workday concepts this year from the likes of Sunny Hill and Spica.S, this concept is intricately tied with the song. Goes the chorus: "If I try my best every single day. From somewhere, interest will quietly stack up a lot." Do good things happen to those who wait? If you're kind and true, will your interest on good deeds skyrocket? The bank elements are telling and fit perfectly with the song.

2. Choreography

Choreography isn't just spectacular dance moves that you can replicate at the club. The choreography of "Bank" is understated but effective. Sharp head movements, the shaking of hammers and piggy banks, the swaying of bodies, the mechanical nature of work, all these quiet elements coalesce together here. And it's so, so cool.

1. The Song!

Puer Kim is a unique new star with powerful vocals. The retro music! That voice! Need we say more?


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