Our Exhaustive, Possibly Incomplete List of Every T-ara Music Video Ever

T-ara Number Nine

T-ara has an impressive resume of songs, accompanied by multitudes of multiple videos, some that makes us go: Huh? It's not a small thing, T-ara and MBK's obsession with music videos. We want to prove that immensity. We have a strange desire here, to include every single T-ara music video on one post. We know we have not found all the videos, since there are just too many. Will you help us? Is the chronology correct? We need your help, Queens! 

Good Person OST 

Go much Thanks to Isabelle T (from London!) Who pointed out that even before "Lie," there was a Cinderella Man ​​OST video, "Good Person." This T-ara was so early that it was not even the same group we're seeing now. As Isabelle points out, the group consisted of "Eunjung, Jiyeon, Hyomin, SPICA's Jiwon and a girl called Jiae." We tried desperately to find an official version of this video, but alas, we could not! Can you?

Apple is A (CF)

How could we forget this strange video? A CF for Nonghyup Apples, this convoluted story became a precursor to just about every T-ara video that would follow. It's also a lot of fun and entirely fantastical and silly. A must watch! Thanks goes again to Isabelle for pointing out this video's grave absence!  

Lie: Ballad Version

We're not quite sure what this video is. The footage looks like it's taken from a horror movie? Someone enlighten us here. This is where you have to come in. Help us understand.

Lie: Part 1

In this version, we get another scandalous story. With choreography. T-ara does it again.

Lie: Part 2 (Summer Version)

If you were desperately waiting for some resolution for "Lie" Part 1's story, you're in for a treat. No, you will not get resolution, but you will get T-ara in bikinis in the most candid video they've maybe shot ... ever?

TTL (Time to Love) with Supernova

Members of T-ara teamed with members of Supernova to make this dramatic dance piece that reminds us a lot of future ballad hits like, "We were in Love." It also sounds remarkably like "Do not Leave."

Choshinsung TTL Listen 2 with Supernova 

Riding high on their success with Supernova, T-ara released this sequel, which is basically just a remix (this version is better). It came out a month later and featured all the members this time.

Like the First Time

Years before Hyomin outraged fans with wearing a fat suit before her stunning (imagined) transformation, nerdy Hyomin took a Pygmilion turn by shedding those glasses and adding makeup for this absurd romp.

Bo Peep Bo Peep: Dance Version

Their first big hit, "Bo Peep" spurred a cute dance that even had a cute butt wiggle. It's strange to see T-ara this aegyo, is not it? But with this song and video, T-ara captured a nation's heart. They won their first music show with this song. And for that, I will always be remembered!

Bo Peep Bo Peep: Sexy Version

This version of "Bo Peep" is much the same, except for the odd narrative thrown into the mix, with plenty of make out action and a twist? Maybe it was a twist the first time we saw this. We're surprised that T-ara did not have one of its members as the heroine. But those acting chances would soon pop up for our titular Queens.  

You Drive Me Crazy 

At Critical Kpop, this may just be our favorite T-ara song. It's just so darn catchy. I love this video the lens flare, but Also Sexy presents a confidence that T-Ara simply owns in this video. We're not sure how the classroom sequence really fits, but seeing Eunjung get startled awake, and Boram laugh at her, is a real kick. 

I'm in Pain: Part 1

This is where T-ara and MBK go a bit crazy with the music videos. This is a great song (all of T-ara's songs are great), and the glam-fedora style is so cool. The tie move looks cool but a bit like they're strangling themselves (intentional?). But then, but then. 

I'm in Pain: Part 2

The same song. The same video (mostly). Except here, we get one take in the dressing room, which is ridiculous, but cool too. But then? 

I'm in Pain: Part 3

Because you asked for it, here's part 3. The side view. "Why not use the separate takes of their filming to make separate, but very similar videos?" said MBK and no one else ever. You've got to love T-ara for strange moves like this. 

What's Wrong? 

Sometimes known as "Why Are You Being Like This?" the video is not much to scream about, but the song? Wait a min-ute. Wait a min-ute. Gold. 


Maybe one of the more culturally insensitive videos that makes T-ara so problematic, "YaYaYa" is an insane video. The girls take the role of savages (see what I mean?) And try to seduce our wayward pilot. The members of T-ara have admitted to not knowing what this song means. But we know that this beautiful mess is highly addictive, and, we can't help ourselves, very fun (and very problematic). 

Roly Poly 

One of T-ara's greatest hits ever. Retro and loving it, T-ara pulls off the style perfectly here, and also gives us a fun acting turn from the girls. A precursor to future mini-movies, the video also gave us an amazing song with perfect choreography to match. Easily one of their most sophisticated videos (and their most sophisticated at the time), "Roly Poly" brought T-ara to another level. This video is iconic. And did you see Jiyeon? Perfect. 

Roly Poly in Copacabana 

A fun, more discotheque / Euro remix version of the hit song (probably made to capitalize on the recent success). The video is not nearly as fun, but it's still worth a watch! 

Cry Cry: Drama Version 

The video that changed everything with T-ara. With "Cry Cry" they embraced the melodrama, giving us ungrateful Kpop fans a convoluted, but ultimately beautiful story of bounty hunters destined for tragedy. The beauty here is that it features members of T-ara in acting roles, and that they manage to hold their own in a super dramatic tale. 

Cry Cry: Dance Version 

"Cry Cry" also has a dance version, and believe us, it completely stands on it's own (while having thematic touches that connect to the drama version, the dark clothes, melodramatic mood, and Jiyeon's look). We're calling it: one of the best dance versions ever. 

We Were in Love with Davichi 

Included in the follow up to "Cry Cry," "Lovey Dovey," "We Were in Love" features Davichi in a video that would become a staple of MBK. Idols standing around and singing, looking forlorn. With intense closeups and a shaky cam, T-ara does not need much to grab your attention here. 

Lovey Dovey: Drama Version 

The highly anticipated sequel to "Cry Cry," this video concludes our convoluted tale of woe. This time the melodrama is ramped up to eleven, but do we love it? We love it. 

Lovey Dovey: Dance Version 

Maybe this dance version is a clumsy ode to Michael Jackson's "Thriller?" Or maybe MBK thought that zombies were just cool. Years before 4Minute's "What's Your Name," T-ara gave us the most glamorous zombie invasion you'll ever see. 

Lovey Dovey in Tokyo

T-ara really lets loose in this version of Lovey Dovey, this time set in Tokyo (and no zombies). Thanks, Isabelle, for the find!

Round and Round 

We're not exactly sure where "Round and Round" fits in the T-ara timetable, but here's one version. Yes, even remakes get more than one music video. Ultimately silly and forgettable, the video is still part of T-ara's extensive resume and must be included here. 

Round and Round: Version 2 

We think that the only difference between these versions is that one shows faux backstage planning? It's a fun, silly, inconsequential video. 

Day by Day: Drama Version 

One of T-ara's forgotten masterpieces, "Day by Day" brought us a Mad Max-style post-apocalypse with surprising sophistication (and terrible fight scenes). Mired by the bullying scandal that followed, this video is truly underrated in concept and audacity. It's a shame. 

Day by Day: Dance Version

This video can and will cause seizures. If the fast cuts were not bad enough, the flashing lights will blind you. The choreography is poor, but not surprisingly so, "Day by Day" is a slower song with a more difficult tempo to master. But still, a disappointment. 

Sexy Love: Drama Version 

The conclusion of the post-apocalyptic tale brought us a more spaghetti western style revenge yarn, another video mostly forgotten because of the tumultuous scandals. We think it's a gem though, and with the fighting improved, it's always fun to see idols trying to stab each other. 

Sexy Love: Dance Version

The dance version of "Sexy Love" is much better than "Day by Day," mostly because you get to see the girls do their version of the Robot. Positioned as life-sized Barbie dolls, this video had a small chance of actually saying something about body images and objectification, but this T-ara we're talking about. Come on! 

Sexy Love in Tokyo

Even at their most desperate times, T-ara still churned out those music videos. Here are some candid takes of the group in Tokyo, looking happy, despite the controversies. This is another find by Isabelle!

Sexy Love: Robot Dance Version

Thanks goes again to Isabelle, who reminded us that T-ara does in fact have a robot dance version of "Sexy Love," one that is remarkably similar to the dance version, except with more solo shots of the Queens.

Day and Night featuring Gavy NJ 

Released in conjunction with "Sexy Love," this ballad resembled "We Were in Love," except this time we get Gavy NJ and new member, Areum. Remember Areum? She left T-ara suddenly, and then MBKquietly. Joining the group during the Hwayoung aftermath, she was was T-ara during their biggest lows. Now she's gone, but we remember you, Areum. 

Countryside Life (T-ara N4): Drama Version

Now we're in subgroup territory, which we're still counting as T-ara proper. This music video seems to reference an old TV show that we've never heard of, and that takes away some enjoyment. But it's still fun to see Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon, and Areum acting wacky (though it seems somewhat forced at the same time). 

Countryside Life (T-ara N4): Dance Version

Now this version of the song is where T-ara N4 really shines. For starters, the choreography is crazy. We do not know how anyone could keep up with some of these moves. The song is intense, and for this video, almost a defiant response to the bullying rumors. The girls punch the air asking, "Why you hating?" and singing lines like, "Mind your own business." T-Ara as cemented this video Guilty Pleasure of the Kpop (in our Eyes).  

Painkiller with See Yah, Davichi, Speed, and 5Dolls. 

We almost didn't include this video and are open to arguments on its inclusion. There are so many groups involved that we're not exactly sure who is singing in this, but the video does feature Jiyeon, as she crumbles into depression. It's a great song, though we think that the video went the route of melodrama, when it could have been an intelligent commentary on suicide. But what do you think? 

Bikini with Skull and Davichi

One of this is T-Ara's videos stranger. Because they're not in the video . Which is fine, the members don't necessarily have to be in every music video and this isn't a major release. But here, it's odd to see women (at least one from Gangkiz, remember them?), Having fun and being candid when we do not really know who they are. It's like they took the roles of each T-ara member (one even looks like Qri), and that's fine too. But it's odd. 

Number Nine

T-ara came back in full force with one of our favorites, Number 9. This video has the cool of "Cry Cry," mixed with the lunacy of "YaYaYa." See T-ara start fires, eat flowers, cry into the night. The EDM is killer too. It was popular but still underrated, that's how good it really is. 

Number Nine: Version 2 

Here's T-ara driving around a desert, posing and looking into the distance. Be warned: this version of the song is shorter.

Number Nine: History Version 

Um. We think this version is the same as Version 2, except that there's some behind the scenes footage and a message from T-ara. Are we missing something here? Something important? 

I Know the Feeling 

You're exhausted are not you? That's why we called this list, "Exhaustive." But that's why we even did this list. T-ara's resume is that long and that impressive that you had to see it all on one page to understand. Hopefully, this does not crash your computer. "I Know the Feeling" is a ballad that accompanied "Number Nine," that makes full use of the microphones. It's an easy song to overlook, but we would not dare.

Do You Know Me? 

Another underrated classic. We love that this is a musical that basically remixes the same simple song three different ways. We love the outfits, the choreography, the animated expressions. This is a fun song, that might be too long to be popular, but one of T-ara's most unique videos out there. Watch it! 

1977: Do You Know Me?

In true, T-ara fashion, they churned out another version of the video, this time part retro, part arthouse, part travelogue. Thanks, Isabelle, for finding this one!

Do You Know Me? China Dance Version

Here's more of the China trip, this time with T-ara performing parts of the song. Thanks, Isabelle!

Hide and Seek 

And here's the accompanying ballad that must have been filmed during their lunch break. Fans complained that Jiyeon seemed to be getting most of the parts, but balance in these ballads are always hard to achieve. It's especially awkward that all the members sit around the whole time, even when they're not singing. But we kind of like that too. 

Hide and Seek: Winter Version 

We think the big difference in this version is that there's less Christmas chiming music in the beginning? From our viewing, the videos are identical besides that. And another thing, we think Boram had some good parts in this, so stop complaining about the balance already! 

First Love 

Collaborating with composer Cho Young Soo, T-ara knocks this killer song out of the park. Filmed as a behind the scenes video, you'll probably wish this was a major release!

Never Ever (Jiyeon solo)

Jiyeon's solo debut brought us a sexy and strange music video that dealt with madness, and maybe heartbreak. The stop motion effects are impressive, as is the jacket-over-the-head choreography that we wish became a bigger hit in Korea, imitated by thousands.

Never Ever (Jiyeon solo): Original Version 

This version is the same save for a sexy photoshoot and message from Jiyeon that will make all Jiyeon fans swoon. 

Nice Body (Hyomin solo with Loco) 

Is Hyomin's solo turn amoral? Damaging to women? Probably. The song is not the best either, which is disappointing. But we love Hyomin and hope that she'll have another solo someday in the future, with a better song, video, and concept to support her. 

Nice Body (Hyomin solo with Loco): Dance Version 

The dance version is a better version, where Hyomin gets to show her moves (and no fat suit). This version is recommended, friends. 

Sugar Free: Version 1

You made it this far. T-ara's "Sugar Free" is a continuation of their impressive work. We're loving this song for its craziness, catchiness, and T-araness. And guess what? There's more than one version for this too. There's news that there will be up to twelve remixes of this one song. Will we get twelve more videos too? 

Sugar Free: Version 2

This shorter version gives us a closer look at T-ara (literally - there's plenty of closeups). Some behind-the-scenes footage too, but then the video just ends. 

Sugar Free: Version 3

This video is a prime example of MBK's audacity when it comes to music videos. While alternate versions are common with groups presently (see: AOA), at least those videos are specific and different. We don't see much difference in this version and the original. It's confusing and a bit crazy. But here it is, for you. It's all for you. 

Sugar Free: EDM Club Mix

Here they come, the club remixes of T-ara, where there are reported to be many. Is this an advertisement for their upcoming album or an epic dance video? The lines here are blurred. We expect more videos to follow.  

Little Apple with Chopstick Brothers 

A four-member T-ara teamed with the Chopstick Brothers for this strange Chinese / Korean remake. We're liking the fun the girls are having here, though wonder why not all of them could have been included. It's a chance for T-ara to show their more wacky side! Watch! 

I'm Good (Eunjung as Elsie featuring Solo K.will) 

Eunjung finally had her solo debut and just confused the hell out of us. Firstly, she released a long teaser (?) Of the song that featured, we believe, a trainee in her title role. Okay, we'll place it here too, even though it's more or less a teaser. 

Eunjung finally released her "original version" but that was nearly a week later, and most people seemed just over it by then. This solo turn was mostly unspectacular, unfortunately, and had just a few too many similarities to Jiyeon's solo (with the choreography and pace of the song). MBK knocks out just about every T-ara release. But the solo releases are always just missing the mark, it seems. 

So Crazy

T-ara's "So Crazy" may seem like another generic girl group release with skimpy outfits and butt shakes. And, yes, it mostly is, but with a T-ara touch of lunacy that no other group can quite replicate. Want to see what we mean? Watch!

There's our most updated list. Did we forget something? We certainly did. Leave a comment with a link and we'll add it (as long as it's not a fanmade video). Let's complete this list together! 


  1. Do you plan on updating this list as they release new videos?

  2. I think you missed the MV/commercial for "Apple is A" off Absolute First Album. Their first EVER video was an OST for the drama Cinderella Man featuring a different lineup consisting of Eunjung, Jiyeon, Hyomin, SPICA's Jiwon and a girl called Jiae. It's a predebut video of just them singing the song and backstage at a photo shoot but I think is T ara's first ever video :)

    1. Thank you! If you want credit for giving me the info, email me at tpmoore19@gmail.com! I'll post these later today!

  3. Oops forgot to add the song's called "Good Person"

  4. It's Isabelle again :)
    I honestly thought that you'd now got them all but then I realised that there were two more! In typical CCM fashion (why have one music video when you can have three?!) there is a separate mv for "1977 Do you know me?" and also a China Dance Version, both of which can be found on the Core Midas channel. I also checked the Wikipedia filmography for T-ara (I am wayyy to into this haha) and realised that a further two were missing from the list! Lovey Dovey and Sexy Love both have versions in Tokyo as well, which are on the 1thek channel. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that there is also a specific Robot Dance Version of Sexy Love too!
    I don't think there is an official version of Good Person. I guess the company must have deleted it and never bothered to reupload it since it's not very relevant to the current T ara. Jiwon herself seems quite keen to distance herself from T ara, if you watch her on Spica's CSI.....

    1. Thanks, Isabelle! I'll be making these updates in the next few days!

  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMPnAcJTj_U

    1. Thanks! I'll add this in the next few days! Let me know if you'd like credit by emailing me at tpmoore19@gmail.com. Thanks again!

  6. Hi admin. There's already a T-ara Official Channel where you can watch all of their MV there. It's an official channel.

  7. Hi admin. There's already a T-ara Official Channel where you can watch all of their MV there. It's an official channel.

  8. the lie ballad version mv is from a horror drama known as "Soul". Jiyeon also acted in the drama

  9. t-ara's jiyeon- davichi- seeya----- foever love
    t-ara's hyomin & eun jung-davich-seeya-----wonder women

  10. List is missing

    T-ara QBS - Like the Wind (Yes, there was a Qri-Boram-Soyeon subgroup at one point. What?) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ebh7ZFKlBhk

    T-ara - Cry Cry (ballad ver.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1alr5NG9q6Q


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