R.I.P. EunB

In what can only be described as a tragedy, the girl group Ladies’ Code was involved in a car accident yesterday, with member EunB passing away and Sojung and RiSe in critical condition. Other members and the manager are reported to have no serious injury. We at Critical Kpop share the deep sadness felt by all over these circumstances.

A tragedy such as this one puts into perspective the very act of living. That the idols we watch and listen to are human beings is something most of us frequently forget. They are more than just abstract symbols of our own lofty aspirations; they are people with very real lives and, unfortunately, very real deaths.

EunB was only 22 years old. There are no words to alleviate that loss.

Death is beyond our analysis. We offer only this: perhaps through reflection we can begin to understand and carry on. For death is not solely an ending. EunB will be remembered always by those who knew and loved her.


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