Seven Ridiculously Sexy HD Pictures of Kpop Idols Singing, Inspired by Koreaboo

Girls Generation TTS Holler Sexy Singing

Koreaboo, you have inspired us. Instead of analyzing Kpop, why not post pics of famous idols in bite-sized lists? At a million plus fans, they must be doing something, right? So here's our Seven Ridiculously Sexy HD Pictures of Kpop Idols Singing. It's no "13 Super HD Photos of Stunning Beauty Dal Shabet's Woohee" or "12 Ridiculously Sexy GIFs of Male Idols Who Can Twerk," but we're getting there, okay? 

1. Girls' Generation TTS hollers in Holler

Girls Generation TTS Singing Holler

Girls' Generation TTS came back this week! And did you see how they looked singing? Stunning, right?! No one looks as good singing as SNSD!

2. John Park acting like he's not singing, but we know he is singing, that scoundrel 

John Park singing

LOL, he's totally singing here! You can't fool us, John Park!

3. Spica.S singing all sexily 

Spica.S Sings Sexy

Okay, we know what you're thinking. This list needs more sexy. Here's a pic of Juhyun singing that will melt your cold, skeptical Kpop heart. Isn't this list worth it already?

4. Sistar singing, or are they? 

Sistar Sexy Singing

Yup, they're singing. But did they plagiarize that singing face? LOL, just kidding, we love Sistar. Don't be offended and leave! We need your view!

5. Taemin singing close up (sexy) 

Taemin Sexy Singing

Taemin is the sexiest, right? This is just like the "7 Gorgeous Photos of 2NE1's CL 'The Perfect Girl Next Door'" piece that Koreaboo posted, right? If we post a pic of your favorite idol, in an inoffensive context, aren't you're forced to like and share that post? Who cares if you can find the same pics with a simple Google image search? Koreaboo provides you the pics you need all in one place. And that's important, right? What did you really expect? Take your Taemin and like it!

6. Winner's Taehyun's sexy singing face

Winner Sings

Understand. We're not even trying to be bitter here or condemn Koreaboo for making lists that are devoid of substance but are keyed into ferocious fan appetite. Is Koreaboo really to blame for giving their 'readers' exactly what they want? Not everything on the internet has to be substantial. Sometimes you just need to look at absurd lists with your favorite idols while waiting for the bus, and you don't want to read about the lack of social implications of T-ara's "Sugar Free" or how BTS is redefining hip hop in Korea. And that's okay, and we mean it, because, we have to admit, we click on these damn lists too.

7. This is the sexiest idol singing pic of all, just look! 

Sexy Secret Singing

But really? "12 Stunning HD Photos of Exo Kai the Dancing Machine?" Or how about, "11 Adorable Idols in Pajamas Looking Cute?" Or "15 Ultra HD Photos of Girl's Day Sexy Stages" or "15 Incredibly Sexy Photos of 'Nasty Nasty' Kyungri." These posts are lowest-common-denominator material, folks. The thing is, these picture lists are saying exactly nothing. They are soulless, could be made by a list-obsessed bot. Koreaboo provides the pics, the fans, by commenting, provide the substance. Maybe that's what gets to us the most, how easy it all is. How deliberately vacuous.

Bonus Pic of HyunA singing with a Phallic Object 

HyunA singing Red Sexy

Which is to say, Koreaboo is following the Buzzfeed click-bait philosophy that made that site famous (and much maligned). Which is to say, if people stopped clicking on these types of articles, sites like Koreaboo would be forced to produce more content that actually has substance. But it's so hard not to click, isn't it? It's certainly easier said than done. Look now. There are 15 gorgeous HD pics of your favorite idol at a mall concert and maybe you haven't seen one or two of them before. What will you do?


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