The Kpop Bill of Rights

Kpop Bill of Rights

It has become clear over the past few months that our Kpop artists are in dire need of a basic set of rights. We at Critical Kpop submit The Kpop Bill of Rights as a starting point to create a better Kpop. Add your voice! Sign our Bill of Rights by writing your name in the comments section. Did we miss something important? Add an amendment of your own!

I. Right to Safe Working Conditions
Management shall be required by law to provide safe working conditions to all artists. Safe working conditions shall include, but not be limited to: i) reasonable practice hours, agreed upon by both parties; ii) the ability to cancel any and all performances where the safety and/or health of the artist is called into question; iii) safe travel arrangements, including the use of professional drivers and regular maintenance of all vehicles.

In the event that the artist become injured due to fault or negligence of the management, it shall be the responsibility of the management to redress medical bills and living wages until the contract is up for renegotiation, not less than ninety days.

II. Right to Fair Wages
Contractual agreements shall be entered into in a spirit of equality and fairness. Contracts which limit the artist in terms of earning potential or exclusivity shall be renegotiated every year.

III. Right to Freedom of Speech
Artists shall maintain the right to freedom of speech, including, but not limited to, the personal use of social media. Management shall respect the right of artists to petition for a redress of grievances.

IV. Right to Privacy
Artists shall maintain the right to privacy when not conducting official business. Impinging upon that right will be punishable by law. Corporations or persons that perpetuate or encourage the loss of privacy may be prosecuted.

V. Right to Pursue Happiness
Contractual agreement between artist and management shall not result in the loss or diminishment of the artist’s right to pursue happiness in the course of his or her life. The management shall have no say in the artist’s personal relationships or use of recreational time.


  1. Very good points. I'd say "submit them". Music is creativity and without these points no artist can be truly creative. So in the end it will better the music industry.

    If I may add something. "No contract shall be longer than 4 years". Because anything longer is pure slavery. And those contract can only be renegotiated after 3 years so both parties have time to prepare for whatever will happen.


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