This Week in Kpop: August 31-September 6, 2014

Ladies' Code Tragedy

In a week where a dynamic subgroup emerged, Super Junior returned to the stage, and Sistar was accused of plagiarism in their latest video, everything was overshadowed by a tragedy that brought perspective not just to the industry but also how we view the idols we adore. We delve into this week with a somber heart, holding the realization that the show must go on.

R.I.P. EunB 

The tragedy I'm referring to, of course, was Ladies' Code's terrible car accident, resulting in the death of member EunB, the severe injury to Sojung, and the current critical condition of RiSe. The Kpop community has responded with an outpouring of support and love, and though we don't like the media filming and taking pictures of EunB's memorial (to be fair, her family wanted it to open to the public), we've mostly been touched by the response from idols and fans. We offer our condolences here, because what else can you offer in a tragedy like this? 

Review: Is Super Junior's Mamacita the Album of the Year?

As the show goes on, we had to ask ourselves, is Super Junior's Mamacita as good as fans are saying, or is only good because fans say? We tried to take an objective look at the album, from a Kpop fan who actually knows very little about Super Junior, to get the best scientific results. Check out the review here.

MV of the Month: Orange Caramel, "My Copycat" 

The end of August required us to crown the latest MV of the Month, and though we had a lot of choices, nothing could really compete with Orange Caramel's inventive "Copycat." Read here on why this video might just be a game changer, and how that's a good thing for kpop. Speaking of Orange Caramel did you see their latest video....?

Orange Caramel's "Gangnam Avenue"

This video will definitely not win MV of the Month for September. We're not even sure why Orange Caramel released it to accompany the promotional single, and are not impressed with the song, which feels like a 90's Euro dance hit. If you're into that, maybe you'll like this video. But we're not so into that, and not so into this sloppy release.

Nasty Nasty's "Knock" 

We were really excited by this release, but were surprised with how tame Nasty Nasty actually turned out. We're showing the dance version here because it's much more sexy and interesting than the muddy music video. But here it is, if you want to see it. We've been impressed by the live performances and think the idea of a trio is compelling. This has the potential to be a hit, but we still have this nagging feeling that Nasty Nasty could have been more nasty. Go big or go home, right?

Puer Kim's "Bank" 

Puer Kim's "Bank" was released this week, along with her mini-album, Purifier, which was an amazing listen (buy this mini-album!). We think this video is extremely cool, and furthers our theory that the best Kpop music today is decidedly retro. We'll investigate this more next week.

Sistar's Plagiarism? 

We can see some similarities between Sistar's "I Swear" and Tiesto's "Red Lights (Red Lights - did f(x) plagiarize?! [kidding])." But the thing is, everything in either video is so generic that there's very little originality in either of them, which brings us to a bigger problem. Why is Sistar coasting? But you can watch the Tiesto video here. Be warned, it's, um, cheeky.

#HowDoUKpop? - Kpop America

We started a new segment this week, with the explicit intention of asking, "How do you Kpop?" We're sharing how we Kpop in Chicago, and that's by frequenting the amazing Kpop America. But we want to know how you Kpop in your neighborhoods. Leave us comments. Send us messages!

August 31-September 6, 2014 

And that was This Week in Kpop. We'd like to again offer our condolences and hope for RiSe's recovery. It's been a rough week on the world of Kpop. Rest well, and be safe, everyone.


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