This Week in Kpop: September 14-20, 2014

Girls' Generation TTS Holler wave

If there's one thing you need to know about this week in This Week in Kpop, it's that Girls' Generation TTS is back! The excitement is palpable, but do the girls delver? And what about Teen Top? And did we mention there's a Bygone Revolution revolution brewing in Kpop? Don't know what we mean? Let's get started already!

Seven Ridiculously Sexy HD Pictures of Kpop Idols Singing, Inspired by Koreaboo

Sites like Koreaboo got you down? We're a little unnerved by some of their most recent content, in particular the picture lists of your favorite idols that appeal to the lowest common denominator. So we made our own list! Will your idol be one of the seven chosen? Read to find out!

Puer Kim's "Purifier" and the Bygone Revolution

You may have missed this: Puer Kim's mini-album, Purifier, may be one of the leaders in what we're dubbing, The Bygone Revolution. Guess who else is a part of this. Mamamoo, 15&, and...IU? Read here so you'll know what we're talking about.

Girls' Generation TTS' "Holler" 

TTS is back! And Holler mostly impresses. We actually had to listen to it a few times to really start liking it, and though we're not particularly blown away by this song, we're glad to see this subgroup's return. But what's with the cheesy intro and ending? Why does SM love doing this to SNSD? Get past that, as we're sure you will, and you'll get a stylish, expertly choreographed return. The song's chorus seems boring at first, and holds back the girls, but as the song builds in complexity we're finally able to remember what made TTS so memorable. Looking ahead, what about another SNSD subgroup in the future? We'd be excited to see a different trio! What about you? 

Teen Top's "Missing"

Teen Top is back with their impressive "Missing." Don't try to understand the story so much (you'll get a headache), just take in the song, which is soulful and smooth, friends.

N*White's "Hello Boy" 

We found this debut video cute, especially with the crazy fight in the end (you'll see). The group isn't particularly memorable with this video, but the song is inoffensive and the video more sophisticated than some rookie debuts, so, hopefully, N*White will have a bright future. If only they didn't debut with TTS' return...

Wax's "Fly High"

Let's mix thing up a bit! How about some K-rock? Wax's "Fly High" has a cool sound, disturbing video, and they can play instruments! What a concept!

Our Exhaustive, Possibly Incomplete List of Every T-ara Music Video Ever

Here it is. Since no one demanded it, we've compiled a list of every T-ara music video ever. The list is extensive. Exhaustive. And, already, incomplete. Let us know what we haven't included. T-ara has made so many music videos that it's impossible to have remembered them all! Check out the list here

September 14-20, 2014

That was This Week in Kpop! We think that things have quieted down a bit (probably because no one wants to compete with Girls' Generation TTS). But what will next week hold? Kpop is always full of surprises, so we won't even try to guess. See you next week! 


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