This Week in Kpop: September 21-27, 2014

Ailee Don't Touch Me

Ailee, you've been gone for too long. This Week in Kpop brought her return, as well as another solo turn from Song Ji Eun, and an odd social media fight with Z:EA that we're still trying to wrap our heads around. But, listen. Ailee has returned. All will be well. 

The Kpop Bill of Rights

With everything going on between ZE:A's Lee Hoo and Star Empire, and believe us, we really don't know what exactly is happening over there (financial dispute, mental breakdown, gang ties?), we think it's time for Kpop artists to have a basic set of rights. Our Kpop Bill of Rights is a starting point. Care to add to it?

Kpop and Oversaturation

Every day at least a dozen new groups are set to compete for fame, popularity, and the big break. The Kpop market is now more oversaturated than it has ever been. As a result, we have to ask: is quality suffering over quantity? Take a look here

Ailee's "Don't Touch Me" 

Ailee came back this week and provided us a soulful, gospel-inspired anthem with "Don't Touch Me." We're digging her powerful vocals and confident attitude, and the message of the song, with not a male lead in sight, screams empowerment. We can't wait to get into her album, Magazine, though one of us at Critical Kpop, who shall remain nameless, worries that she's trying too hard to be Beyonce. But still. Whatever your feelings are with this song, you have to love that Ailee has returned, and that she's ready to take on the world. 

Song Ji Eun's "Don't Look at Me Like That" 

Song Ji Eun came back this week too, taking a solo turn here once again, with a song that didn't offend our senses, but really didn't impress either. It just A bit boring too. But maybe we're just bored by most Kpop ballads and need to get over ourselves. What do you think? We'd love to see Song just break loose with something crazy and unique, but the music industry is not always so kind with that.

Eat the Old: A.KOR'S Quiet Defiance

We wrote an A.KOR piece. Don't set our website on fire. Love them or hate them, A.KOR is back and apparently here to stay. That's important. But we also think that's a good thing. Here's why. 

September 21-27, 2014

And that was the week in Kpop! We wish we could converse more about this whole Z:EA situation, but it's just so strange and inconsistent. What's really going on here? In the World of Kpop, we may never find out. Such is life. Feel free to leave a comment below about that situation or anything else we've brought up. Otherwise, we'll see you next week! 


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