This Week in Kpop: September 7-13, 2014

T-ara Sugar Free

T-ara's back! Spica has a new subgroup! And did you see John Park's new video? All this and 2PM! This Week in Kpop is jam packed, so let's get started! 

With "Sugar Free," T-ara Remains Kpop's Guilty Pleasure

T-ara came back this week, and we're loving "Sugar Free." But we can't help but feel a bit guilty at every T-ara song we gobble up, and it's not because of that bullying scandal either. Here's why we feel like T-ara is the Guilty Pleasure of Kpop. Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments!  

Sistar: A Crime Worse Than Plagiarism 

Sistar plagiarized

After the release of their music video, “I Swear,” Sistar has come under fire from netizens who insist that the girl group plagiarized Tiesto’s “Red Lights.” But we’re not here to defend Sistar. No, we’re here to suggest that everyone is upset for the wrong reasons. What are we talking about? Read this

Is Kpop Equipped to Handle Real Tragedy? 

Kpop Tragedy

The reverberations from the tragic deaths of RiSe and EunB are being felt and will be felt for a very long time. And we wonder if Kpop, an industry full of light and airy music, with fans that threaten the lives of rival idols, is suitably equipped to handle this, or other real life tragedies. It's a touchy issue, and we've gotten some insightful responses. You can check it out here, and please feel free to give us your own take.  

2PM's "Go Crazy!" 

We were expecting another boy band in a box scenario as 2PM began their video, but they shattered our expectations (literally), and shattered and punched through pretty much everything else with the appropriately crazy and fun video. Get ready, Kpop. We're seeing a rush of big hits that could equally dominate the charts but now have to compete with each other. Who will come out on top? 

John Park's "U"

John Park came back this week, and we're loving "U." Not you, "U." This release is sexy, cool, dark, and creepy. You should watch this video and listen to this song. 

Spica.S' "Give Your Love" 

Spica's subgroup, Spica.S debuted this week, with another workplace anthem (are we seeing a trend here?!). It's a strange thing to consider this a subgroup, since the only member not here is Boa, who apparently is just preparing for a solo debut herself. Still, we like the song and the absurd office sexiness, and hope that this group, and Spica itself, can reach that higher level. But with T-ara this week and Girls' Generation TTS returning the next, this will be hard to do, unfortunately.  

Underrated Artists: WE 


Le'ts talk about WE. Not you, or me, or we, but WE. Our look at Underrated Artists continue! Why don't you check them out?

September 7-13, 2014 

That was This Week in Kpop! A lot of new releases will make it an interesting rest of the month. Girls' Generation TTS will surely dominate, but what about T-ara? Are fans ready to embrace them again? And how well will 2PM fare? We can't wait to find out! Until then, see you next week! 


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