Ten Horrifying Kpop Videos to Watch for Halloween

Boyfriend Witch

Halloween is just a few weeks away, and we at Critical Kpop want you to be prepared for one of our favorite holidays. Inspired by Boyfriend's new video, "Witch," we thought it'd be interesting to compile a list of our favorite horror videos in Kpop. While Kpop is more known for its' bubble pop, we think we have just the videos to play at your spectacular Halloween bash. But please feel free to introduce more in our comments section!

Boyfriend's "Witch"

Since it inspired our list, we certainly had to include it, didn't we? The thing is, Boyfriend's "Witch" is a fun horror (fighting) video that probably has more in common with say the Underworld films than John Carpenter's best. Horror action movies aren't exactly our favorites here, but we do appreciate Boyfriend's ability to jump into just about any concept energetically and yes, ridiculously. And we love seeing Boyfriend in monster mode, however unspectacular they turn out to be.

Sunny Hill's "Pray"

Sunny Hill has a few videos that could fill this list ("Midnight Circus," anyone?), but none more horrific than this one. Known for their social commentary, this video reveals the tragic story of a disfigured individual that is imprisoned, tested, and betrayed until, well. We won't spoil the ending, but the real horror here is in humanity's capacity for cruelty.

Wings' "Hair Short"

This horror video could be considered a dark fable. Wings' hair keeps growing and it's all this young man's fault, since they both love him, and he's been playing them both. Yeseul and Nayoung play sisters (at least the assumption is that they're sisters, since they remind us of the twins in The Shining) who play with sisters far too much and far too closely, leading to horrific results.

Sunmi's "Full Moon"

In all honesty, we were a bit "meh" over Sunmi's "Full Moon." But that doesn't mean it's not an effective entry in the horror genre. Sunmi struts her stuff as a blood-sucking vampire, stealing a young man's love, and perhaps, life. Some good choreography here, though we wish they incorporated more horrific elements to make this truly memorable.

IU's "Lost Child"

This is a strange, creepy video, one of IU's lesser known works that finds her lost in a forest, stalked by strange nearly naked undead ballerinas. Yup, it's strange and even a little bit scary, and definitely worth a watch!

History's "Psycho"

History gives a shout out to Hitchcock here and duplicates many of the motifs that make the filmmaker one of the greats. How can you have a list of horror videos without a video that gives the viewer an homage to Psycho or Rear Window? It's impossible, we say. Also: the song is extremely catchy. Add it to your list!

Lee Jung Hyun's "V"

One of our favorite Kpop videos ever here at Critical Kpop, this ode to creepy vampire thrillers meshes well with incomparable Lee Jung Hyun, who is hilariously zany here. We always felt that this song was vastly underrated, so why don't you give in to the spooky holiday season by giving this video another chance? You're going to love it.

Queen B'Z's "Bad"

We don't know what is going on in this video. But it's a good song by a rookie group that seems to embrace the bizarre and the macabre. We think they're vampires here? Or werewolves? Maybe both? And certainly there's some form of sacrifice. What's funny and amazing about this video is that it feels like a trailer of a longer horror film that doesn't even exist. It's fun to guess what could be the possible narrative, and it could even be the basis of a party game, for those willing to give it a try.

T-ara's "Lovey Dovey" (Zombie Version)

Okay, we admit it. We're sick of zombies. But you need zombies for Halloween. We swear that you do. And if anyone has done zombies well in their Kpop videos, it has to be T-ara (sorry, 4Minute). Not even zombie attacks can stop T-ara from making a killer beat. You have to admire that perseverance!

Nell's "White Night"

While not exactly what you'd expect in a Halloween list, Nell's "White Night" definitely has the trappings of psychological terror. Sure, it's all a metaphor for love (aren't most of these songs?), but the creepy images, the eerie mood, the bodies frozen and breaking apart, all will give a quiet shiver through your spine before bed.

That's our list! Which horrifying Kpop videos are we missing? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Hmm. No Vixx? Error sure has its creepy moments but if you're talking more about psychological/supernatural kind of disturbing than scifi kind of disturbing, well, Vixx still has at least 2: Voodoo Doll and Hyde. The latter srsly does psychopathic better than History's Psycho while the former (esp the uncensored ver) easily out-creeps most if not all mvs in this list thanks to its fabulously gruesome visuals.

    Frankly, I'm not sure what T-ara, Lee Junghyun and Boyfriend are even doing there. Their videos are more like halloween-themed than 'horrifying'. But I really gotta give it to you for mentioning Sunny Hill, Nell, Wings and IU. Those are mostly not their most popular works but you name all the right ones: the well executed videos that precisely capture moments of bizarreness or creepiness, and well rightfully horrifying.

  2. I second the first anon's statement on vixx. Death-defying technology is eerie enough to warrant a place here, though hyde and voodoo doll certainly represent the creepy vixx at their finest. Lyn and leo's blossom tears is another macabre vixx-related video. If you want dancing undeads, vixx's on and on also seems like a strong candidate considering that sunmi, boyfriend and t-ara make it. Sorry, I'm not even vixx-biased but it puzzles me to not see them here lol.

    And anyway, let's not forget bigbang's monster. It's clearly not the best yg production out there but it's quite heavy on the freakish elements.


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