This Week in Kpop: October 12-18, 2014

Strawberry Milk debut

We were ready for This Week in Kpop to bring us some light after a troubling year. We were ready for Strawberry Milk to bring us some bubblegum mayhem. And, for a while, it seemed like this week would be uneventful, with so many new music videos that maybe, just maybe, we could focus our attention more on the music in the world of Kpop. But then...

The Pangyo Techno Valley Festival Tragedy

A tragedy this week put a cloud over Kpop, when a ventilation grate collapsed underneath watching fans, killing at least 16 people, and seriously injuring 11 more at the October 17th concert. Apparently, most were men in their 30-40's who worked in the area. Maybe they were warned not to stand there, maybe they weren't. Maybe concert officials could have done more, and now there's word that an organizer of the event has committed suicide. Whatever had transpired, no one can deny that this is an unbelievable tragedy, and our hearts go out to those that have passed and their families. What more can one say?

Exodus: Don't Fear the Next Chapter in the Book of Kpop

We have to move on from the tragedy to something we can understand, or at least try to. Where matters of life and death aren't at stake. Yes, Luhan and Jessica's problems with SM are difficult for fans to comprehend. But we have hope, at least with this. Read our take on the Exodus here.

Ten Horrifying Kpop Videos to Watch for Halloween

Boyfriend came back this week (we're telling you, they're having a great year!), which made us think of some of the best horror videos out there. We're sure missing your favorites, and some fans have angrily posted that, but why not post those videos in the comments? This list is not definitive. Add to the horror here!

Strawberry Milk's "OK"

Crayon Pop's twintastic subgroup, Strawberry Milk, debuted this week and did it's best at saving Kpop from itself. Okay, maybe we're putting too much on this silly video. We love Crayon Pop and wanted to love this video far more than we did. Somehow, it feels so long. We noted at least five separate times where the video could have ended, happily. And the song, while fun, just has such a manic march that it feels almost exhausting. There's a lot of fun here, and a big Jpop vibe going on, and some butt shaking that seemed out of place in a video that made the girls look twelve. But maybe we're being too hard on Strawberry Milk. Let us know what you think of this new subgroup in the comments!

Epik High's "Born Hater" 

Epik High has the perfect rap to listen to while you drink your Haterade. While we're not crazy for this (we're not haters, we swear!) this 19+ video will surely grab your attention, especially with the *blurred porno mags and explicit lyrics. Worth a watch!

Girl's Day's "I Miss You"

The Chameleons of Kpop strike again! This time, providing a ballad for this gloomy fall months. We actually liked the song a lot more than we like most ballads, but the video is paint-by-numbers melodrama. If you love seeing your favorite idols cry, this is the video for you, friends.

Vixx's "Error"

Vixx does it again with this video, giving us something so, so strange. There's some really troubling image in this robotic love yarn. And since we've already been amiss in excluding Vixx from our horror video list, we really must insist that you watch this here. 

Song Jieun's "Twenty-Five"

This is a strange, strange video and song. Yes, we're big fans of Song Jieun and we're happy that she's released something that will stand out a bit more than her solo ballads. And this is a fun song that stays with you. But, like we said, it's also strange. Like since when is "Twenty-five" really coming of age? We're not saying Jieun is old here, we just think some of the visuals with the teddy bears and playful balloons would really fit someone just entering their twenties. In many ways, a person's entire twenties is coming of age, but it's strange to see that in relation to the visuals and the lyrics that imply that Jieun is leaving her parent's watch and wearing short skirts because she's beautiful, young, and free. You haven't done that already, Jieun? 

Fan Perspectives: Isabelle T. from London 

We're happy to bring you another Fan Perspective this week! Isabelle T. from London shares how she was brought into Kpop, her favorite idols, and, oh, did you know she once auditioned for SM?! Read her perspective here.

October 12-18, 2014

And that was the week in Kpop. There were a lot of releases this week. But we're still trying to make sense of the tragedy in Pangyo. We're sure you are too. We give our most sincerest condolences. Be safe, everyone. 


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