This Week in Kpop: October 19-25, 2014

BTS War of Hormones

BTS! Boyfriend! Beast! Super Junior! UNIQ? After some difficult weeks in Kpop, it's time to get the boys back into the game. Can they remind us why we love Kpop? We think so, we do. Let's start with Boyfriend!

Boyfriend Can Save Kpop (if we let them)

This week we decided to focus on a group that really reminds us why we love Kpop: Boyfriend. Fun, dramatic, ridiculous, complex, talented - those are just some of the reasons we think that this boy group is one of the best. Check out the other reasons here.

Boyfriend "Witch" Pumpkin Carving

As we took a closer look at Boyfriend this week, we also took our time in creating a pumpkin carving for Halloween. Want to see how our very own Zander Stachniak did it? Check out the time-lapsed video here.

Super Junior's "This is Love"

We were thrilled to see Super Junior promoting another song from their amazing Mamacita. Especially since, though we loved the album, the juvenile antics of "Mamacita's" video, really left us wanting. Here, Super Junior goes for the sleek and mature look, something more fitting for a group that's been around as long as they have, weathering many a storm from SM and the industry. Another big boy group came back this week, and though their hip hop sound is vastly different, you'll notice something oddly similar about these videos? Can you guess? And if want to read our review of Super Junior's album, check that out here.

BTS' "War of Hormones"

Do you see the similarities between the BTS and Super Junior videos? Sure, BTS has a boyish turn here with "War of Hormones" (listed as: War of HORMONE). But the color palette (black and white with shades of red) and each videos' movement from the members to group shots, are remarkably the same. Did the same director make both videos? The same cinematographer? Just something to think about. The same happiness we feel over Super Junior promoting another single, we're feeling for BTS here. "War of Hormones" is a fun song and BTS is able to show the wide range of their personalities. Kpop is certainly better off with BTS having success. Did you know that we did a review of their album too? Why don't you read that here?

Beast's "12:30" 

Boy groups dominated this week, so it's appropriate that Beast jumped into the fray. Taking a more serious turn here with 12:30, we were surprised how much we enjoyed this song, especially since we've had mixed feelings about melodramatic ballads that inspire woe in their characters. But the song is just that good, and the cinematography (the dark, moody grays) is, at times, stunning. This video definitely stands proudly with Super Junior and BTS this week.

UNIQ's "Born to Fight" 

Uniq is here at the other side of the spectrum, releasing a movie tie-in to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, "Born to Fight." While we were ready to give this video shade, the song is actually not so bad, at all, really. It's no "Go ninja, go ninja, go!" and Michael Bay really makes our skin crawl, and it is strange to see UNIQ scream that they're Ninja Turtles, but, the song is catchy in that cheesy way that will prove outdated in two years, tops. Still, it's interesting to see a movie tie-in from a Kpop artist, and this video may pave the way for more of it's kind, for better, and certainly for worse.

October 19-25, 2014

And that was the week in Kpop! We liked the lull in the controversies here (for the most part). Though we have to cover and discuss the horrible parts of Kpop, we're going to make a concerted effort to also focus on the good. Like Boyfriend, and groups like Super Junior and BTS. Kpop is here to stay, friends. Believe it!


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