This Week in Kpop: October 5-11, 2014

Luhan Exo Overdose

This Week in Kpop brings you - wait a minute, wait a minute. Are you serious? Are you serious, SM?!

Exo-dus of the Week

SM continues their stellar year with yet another idol leaving their ranks. It wasn't so long ago that we were all enjoying Exo's amazing "Overdose," and now Exo-M feels like some type of bizarre slasher flick. And then there were four.

SM obviously does not need this news so soon after Jessica has been unceremoniously kicked out from Girls' Generation. And yet, here we are. Scandal on top of scandal. Luhan has filed a lawsuit and SM is acting quote "baffled." But moves like this might not be so uncommon with groups as large as SM has tried to build. We wrote a little about this last week, right here, but even outside the larger context, SM really needs to reevaluate how they treat their idols. The agencies, as a whole, are losing power here, and though it's terrible for our favorite groups, we believe that in a few years down the line it'll be a good thing for Kpop. But for now, we feel for Exo and their fans. Watch "Overdose" (Exo-M version) on us.

Announcing Our Partnership with the K-Pop Writers' Workshop

So it's not all scandals and misery in Kpop. We have exciting news. Critical Kpop is partnering up with our favorite outlet for discovering new writers who focus on Kpop (and Korean entertainment). The Kpop Writers' Workshop is not just good for writers that want to write Kpop pieces, it's good for Kpop to have more skilled writers out there to analyze and discuss the topics fans care about. Click here to apply now!

Review: 2PM's Go Crazy!

It's been more than a year since 2PM's latest Korean-release, Grown, but, ironically, Go Crazy! is the album where we can hear 2PM maturing in style and substance. Here's staff writer 'L' 's take on their latest album

The Art House of Kpop

Kpop and Art House may not seem like they fit together so seamlessly, but here's the thing, maybe you're just not looking hard enough. Let us help you out. Check out some videos that will change your mind here, and if you have any Kpop Art House videos to share, leave them in the comments, won't you?

Review: Ailee's Magazine

Ailee's Magazine is a very solid EP that many of her fans will enjoy. But we can't help but feel like something's missing. We try to put our finger on it in our review, but we wonder, is it just us? What do you think? Check out our review here.

Red Velvet's "Be Natural" 

Red Velvet came back this week with a remake of SES' "Be Natural." It's hard not to be a bit cynical about SM pushing out Red Velvet every time there's a scandal. But at the same time, SM, this year especially, always has a scandal. So there's no time that's a good time for Red Velvet to be promoting. We're rooting for this rookie group, and the video is sexy and classy and gives them a chance to show off their vocals. We still think that it's odd that SM seems to want them to look alike (is that their concept, conformity?), but this is a solid comeback that gives the group a more adult dimension.


IU, one of the leaders of the "Bygone Revolution" teamed with Tai ji Seo to collaborate on "SOGYEOKDONG." She has a version and so does Tai ji Seo, which is right below. They tell a love story that finishes with Tai ji Seo's video, but what's really cool is that well, the song's really amazing, both versions, and that there's history and tragedy behind this collaboration. IU's become something of a historian this year, hasn't she?

October 5-11, 2014

And that was the week in Kpop! It's not all about SM and idols leaving! There's amazing parts to Kpop too, and we hope we were able to show you just a glimpse of that world. Don't worry, Kpop fans. It'll get better. We'll see you next week!


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