This Week in Kpop: September 28-October 4, 2014

Jessica SNSD So long

This week will be remembered for years to come. What started as a possibly hacked account on Weibo from Jessica, one that we all doubted from the start, soon blew up into a disastrous story of betrayal, heartbreak, and conflict. This is Kpop and crazy scandals are the norm. But, for some reason, we never thought this would happen with Girls' Generation. We took them for granted for their consistency. For their impervious image. For their perceived unity. But nothing is constant. Jessica has been ousted from Girls' Generation and she's not going quietly into the night. We don't think we're being over-dramatic when we say that this week changes everything.

Jessica's Removal from Girls' Generation May Spell the End of the Idol Group

Jessica being removed Girls' Generation has ripples that go beyond the world's most famous girl group. Let's look at Exo. Kara. Nine Muses. If there has been any lesson this year, it's that idol groups are unstable. Let's look five years from now. Will idol groups be a thing of the past? Check out this story, here.

Breaking News: Jessica and Tyler Kwon Spotted in Same Photoshopped Image Together

As all the Kpop sites have been trying to get the breaking news story that will alter our perception of the Jessica and Girls' Generation fiasco, there has been some noticeably shoddy and desperate reporting. But: look now! Jessica and Tyler Kwon have been spotted in the very same...photoshopped image...find out more here

MV of the Month: Puer Kim's "Bank" 

With the scandalous news that swallowed up the week like a giant leviathan, it's easy to overlook the transition from September to October, and with that passing, our MV of the Month. Which is a shame, because Puer Kim should not be overlooked, ever. Here we give five reasons why you should give "Bank" a closer look

BTOB's "You're So Fly" 

In all the mayhem, new releases can also be overlooked. But don't overlook BTOB! They're comeback single, "You're So Fly" is fun and energetic, and though the video and its sexism at the beginning are almost reprehensible, the video's message turns out be, at least we believe, one of not judging a person by their outward appearance. A clumsy message, but still "A" for effort! 

Boyfriend's Teaser for "Witch" 

This seems like a quiet week in general for releases in Kpop, and maybe the Jessica story wouldn't have changed that fact. But don't look now, Boyfriend will be back next week! And this song sounds amazing. Slowly but surely, Boyfriend is having a great year. We think they'll have another hit on their hands with this one! 

America, the Promised Land: Seoul Drive as a Metaphor for the Kpop Invasion

Can a street in Chicago give us a hint to the future of Kpop in America? We think it can, and after reading this personal narrative, we hope you will too. Check this out here, friends

September 28-October 4, 2014

And that was the week in Kpop! The story with Jessica seems to have blanketed everything, and probably will for some time. Some fans are calling this the worst year of Kpop ever. We're leaning towards that belief, but we also believe that Kpop is making a strange transition. Not just from one generation to the next, but to new media platforms. Social media is more a part of Kpop everyday, and the idols are beginning to use that to their advantage. This will result in taking away power from major agencies, and that, we believe, will be a good change in Kpop. Time will tell. And speaking of time, see you next week! 


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