Unsolved Mysteries: Kpop Edition

Unsolved Mysteries: Kpop Edition

Unsolved Mysteries has pledged itself to delve into the greatest mysteries the world has ever known. What can be more mysterious and unknowable than the world of Korean pop music, or, as some of the fans call it, (mysteriously) Kpop? My name is Robert Stack and I am guest hosting Critical Kpop for a special Halloween edition. Join me. Perhaps, you can help solve a mystery...

Mystery at Star Empire 

Robert Stack Unsolved Mysteries

September 20th, 2014. ZE:A's leader, Junyoung, now known as Lee Hoo, tweets a very detailed convoluted message condemning his agency, Star Empire. He threatened to reveal information against the CEO of the agency, Shin Joo Hak, if his demands were not met. But after much back and forth, fake compromises and failed resolutions between Lee Hoo and his agency, it was announced by Star Empire, a month after this conflict began, that Lee Hoo would be taking an indefinite leave of absence. Lee Hoo sent an apologetic message to his fans, included in the message: "I apologize to all the people who became worried due to all the disturbances that I caused...I promoted with heart of gratitude to the company and fans that provided the opportunity...I’m sorry and sorry again for making it hard for ZE:A’s."

But all is not as it seems. Fans believe that Lee Hoo's Twitter account has been compromised. That his messages have been taken over by Star Empire, especially since Lee Hoo considered that possibility. "If my Twitter account gets deleted or muted, you can take that to mean that I am being pressured by that kind of influence." 

Were Lee Hoo's words prophetic? Has he truly been silenced? What information could he possibly hold that could implicate Star Empire? How come I have a sinking feeling that we'll never learn the answers to any of these questions?

SNSD Scandal 

Jessica SNSD departure

Jessica's departure from SNSD is wrought with mystery. Was she ousted by the other members, as she has alleged? Did they make her choose between her new fashion line and the group? And who really is the mysterious Tyler Kwon? Jessica reaching out to her fans over her departure got the jump on SM, and was a surprising turn in an industry cloaked in secrecy. But we've heard very little since, and, knowing Kpop, we'll probably never know the real story here. Even her recent interview, she seems hesitant. Almost...suspect.

But something else has bothered me for years, and since we're on the subject of SNSD, I'd like to have my say. If, as they say, SNSD brings the boys out, how come "The Boys" video has no boys...out?  

Unsolved Mysteries has viewed the alleged video multiple times to verify the discrepancy of the boys in "The Boys" video, and incredibly, there are zero boys seen. Are they hidden outside the various boxes, just waiting to be revealed? What is the "out" they are referring to? Are the boys okay? Are they trapped by this Girls' Generation? What has SNSD done?

I'm kidding, mostly. Those poor boys are long dead by now.

Where the heck is EvoL?

Rober Stack EvoL

I freaking love those girls. Where are they? It's been over a year already. I can only play "Get Up" so many times. These girls so much energy and charisma and then they're just gone for over a year, with nary an explanation. It's like they've vanished without a trace

Speaking of vanish, where's After School? I know, I know, there's Orange Caramel, and they're great. But you're telling me that Pledis can't handle both Orange Caramel and After School in the same year? Are they that incompetent? Is that why Hello Venus left? We'll never know for sure.

These aren't the only groups that have vanished mysteriously. After the impressive, "Just Go," Rania seems to be having issues and there have been rumors all year of their disbandment. They've been dropped by INGENIOMedia, but remain with their main label (supposedly), the enigmatic Dr. Music. It's not even clear who's a real member any more. That's the thing with Kpop. The turmoil and drama is often left unchecked, guarded by agencies and their thugs. Idols are given very little outlet to voice their concerns, or give their explanations, and it's just recently that they've gone to social media to seek public support.

But because that's more of an anomaly, these questions are left unanswered. EvoL's disappearance remains...an Unsolved Mystery.

G-Dragon: Criminal?

G-Dragon Untouchable

So, technically this mystery hasn't happened yet. But, believe you me, G-Dragon is already plotting the perfect crime. He's already gotten away with drug paraphernalia and "Molly" references that other Kpop stars would have to leave the country for. Even being caught, red-handed!, in a relationship, can't keep this idol down. I'm not judging here: Who cares who G-Dragon is sleeping with or what substances he's putting in his body? I've done some things that I'm not proud of myself. But the question must be asked: How come G-Dragon gets away with what no other idol can? Is it the good looks? Being a young man? Or is it because of his undeniable genius? And if you ask these question, you must also ask: What will he get away with next?

Here's what I think, and listen. I have some experience with mysteries here. Nothing will stick, so he's planning his next big score. That score: MURDER. You listen to me, Robert Stack. The as-of-yet Unsolved Mystery isn't if, my friends, it's when. 

Kpop Mysteries

Robert Stack Unsolved Mysteries

That's all the time we have for today and I'd like to thank Critical Kpop for bringing me in to examine these Unsolved Mysteries. Here's the thing about Kpop: all of these mysteries and more, I'm talking depression, drug addiction, members being bullied, slave contracts, group disappearing, blackmail, and even death, are really only mysteries because the industry and its' media allows them to be. Fan interest only lasts for so long, and then we're on to the next scandal, the next outrage, with never any real resolution. But what about answers? Maybe Kpop fans should be more insistent. Maybe, for once, we should demand that these mysteries...be solved.

Robert Stack played federal agent Elliot Ness in TV's The Untouchables, in 1959, which ran for four seasons and won him an Emmy award. He starred in such TV series as Name of the Game (1969-1971), Most Wanted (1976-1977), and Strike Force (1981), and from 1987 to 2002 was the brilliant host of the TV anthology Unsolved Mysteries. He is currently deceased. 


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