Five Reasons to Love Mamamoo's Slick 'Piano Man' Comeback

Mamamoo Bow

We've loved just about everything Mamamoo has done their spectacular rookie year - from their slow pre-debut burn, to their stunning live performances. We've written extensively both on their debut, and how they're contributing to what we're calling the Bygone Revolution. All that love almost makes any comeback from the group destined to fail under the weight of expectations.

Except "Piano Man" will rock your world. Completely. Watch.

Okay, we know you love the song because you're a human being. That's a given. But here's five other reasons you should love this comeback.

1. Style is Substance

Mamamoo Style

We've said this before: Mamamoo's style is an integral part to their allure. In "Piano Man" they bring more color and more shine to their outfits than in previous videos, without betraying their classic ethos. I'm talking the gold jackets, the jewel embroidered white suits and glamorous dresses. "Piano Man" plays with the absence of color, holding the color like a valuable treasure, and then splurging on that color as the song reaches its climax. Mamamoo again successfully mixes the old Hollywood/Noir-style with modern trappings to make something new. Four MV's in, and that mix still feels fresh.

But there's more to Mamamoo's style than color and outfits. Their style is a substantive part of their makeup. Their style is not about a concept, it's about cementing their aesthetic, and that aesthetic bleeds into their choreography, their music, their vocals, their swagger, everything.

2. Because Solar.

Solar Mamamoo

Because Solar's voice is power. Because Solar's smile can make the heart miss a beat of any man and woman on the planet, no matter what their age or sexuality. Because Solar is a heart-stopping superstar.

Hyperbole aside, Solar stands out, but so does the rest of Mamamoo. Hwasa, Wheein, and Moonbyul all have their spectacular moments in this video (Moonbyul's rapping is especially superb and becomes a part of the song instead of this strange interlude that is often found in Kpop songs that include a rapper). You're going to fall for at least one, but probably all of Mamamoo. It's inevitable.

3. Wink Wink

Mamamoo Inside Joke

Yeah, we see what you did there, Mamamoo. That reference to "Mr. Ambiguous?" We saw that. We loved that. And every time you harmonize "Mamamoo?" Yeah, we can dig that too.

4. Four

Mamamoo Piano Man

Four great releases this year. "Don't be Happy," "Peppermint Chocolate," "Mr. Ambiguous," and now, "Piano Man." That's an excellent track-record for any group, let alone a rookie group. Mamamoo has gone all in for 2014. But has it paid off? (look just below for the answer)

5. Fan Chants

No, fan chants are not necessarily an indicator of success, but hearing them loud and proud certainly adds to the energy of Mamamoo's live performances, doesn't it? As good as their "Mr. Ambiguous" performances were, the often quiet audiences could make the song feel hollow live. Even with their early success, remember: Mamamoo are still rookies. With a substantial fanbase behind them, their confidence will only build. And what happens then?

They'll be unstoppable.


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