This Week in Kpop: November 9-15, 2014

AOA Like a Cat

Controversy. We're all familiar with it, and if you're a Kpop fan there's no denying its lively existence within this industry. We wanted to confront some of those issues this week, and confront them head on, but that doesn't mean you have to agree with us. Let us know what your views are in the comments section, as we appreciate discourse and would on these and many other topics. And did we mention that AOA is back this week too? We think they're about to dominate the Kpop world, and are you ready for that? But enough introducing, let's get started!

CL Will Make it in America, But Don't Try this at Home

Are you excited yet about CL's American debut? We are! And we really believe that her tentative 2015 American invasion is going to be successful. But will that be a good thing for Kpop? We ask that question, and have an answer for you, here.

Seven Seasons Attempts to Soften Zico's "Tough Cookie" Image with Apology

Unafraid of confronting controversy, especially this week, we jumped right into the building Zico outcry (and subsequent apology) and the two opposing sides that have missed the real point here. We're talking about culture and classification here, and we'd really like to read your views on this issue too. But first, take a look at our argument, here.

AOA's "Like a Cat" 

We feel like AOA has been ready to explode all year, and this might be the song and video that propels them into elite status. While comparing them to Girls' Generation is in no way fair, it's hard not to think of this group as their successors. They have the look, the glamour, the talent, the numbers, and though far racier than Girls' Generation will ever be, they have the wholesome charisma that keeps them from veering to absolute sexiness. With "Like a Cat," we get a poppy hit with a silly cat dance and plenty of curvaceous images of the girls. A lot of AOA's videos seem like fan service, the butt shots, dressing AOA in cheerleader and flight attendant outfits, and here, cat burglars. Debating the integrity of such moves is moot, because by giving fans what they want, they're getting more and more popular with every song. 

And we like this song, mostly, though we're not seeing much new here. There's a formula that AOA has found that they're unlikely to give up. Choa (who we adore), still leads the chorus, Jimin starts us off with her signature vocals (which we've never really loved), and Seolhyun is up front 80% of the time (down from 95%). Say goodbye to AOA Black, the band concept that was meant to compliment the girl group elements in an effort to make them unique. It's not about being unique so much as being at the top, and AOA just might make it there with "Like a Cat," as it hits just the right marks in catchiness, sexiness, and personality. Look for them to win a major music show in the next couple of weeks. (Music) Bank on it. 

Nicole's "Mama" teaser

We've been waiting a long time for this, Nicole. And now, we're so very close. We have high hopes here, and we're hoping that Nicole's debut has the excitement and energy that this teaser promises. We're hoping for something amazing. We're hoping a song the will rule the rest of 2014. We're hoping.


Not shying away from controversy this week doesn't necessarily mean we're attempting to offend here, a line that we nearly cross, certainly, with our examination of Kpop's fascination with, well. We'd rather not say here, butt - excuse us, but click on this link to read more about our aptly titled piece.

November 9-15, 2014 

And that was This Week in Kpop! We took a swing at some controversy and we're still hitting! Next week will surely bring up new issues, and we're excited to confront them. As always, thanks for reading and be safe out there!


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