This Week in Kpop: October 26-November 1, 2014

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This Week in Kpop was a calm affair, marked by soulful releases that plant us directly in the fall season. We're loving the turn to R&B that marks the fall as much as the leaves changing color or you unearthing your heavier jacket from the closet. Enjoy it while it lasts. After this comes the multitude of cheesy, but well intentioned Christmas collaborations that are mostly groan-worthy in their festivities. But enough about the future! This is Halloween weekend! Let's get started with looking back at the week!

MV of the Month: IU and Seo Taiji, "Sogyeokdong"

Hidden among the gloomy singles, and mixed in with the ghoulish Halloween-inspired hits, is IU and Seo Taiji’s “Sogyeokdong.” For concept, breadth, beauty, and attention to detail, this is hands-down our Music Video of the Month for October. IU is having an amazing year, one where she has transformed herself from Bubble Pop to Kpop Historian. Teamed with Seo Taiji, we get a video that touches genius. Read about our MV of the Month here.

6 Awesome Kpop Concepts that Could be Your Next Halloween Costume

6 Awesome Kpop Concepts that Could Be Your Next Halloween Costume

Halloween may be technically over, but our very own 'L' can still prepare you for the Halloween weekend, with 6 awesome concepts here that may just be the costume you wear at your friend's Monster Mash. Check out her list here!

The Dark Shift in Kpop and Why We Love It

The Dark Shift in Kpop And Why We Love It

Lately, we've seen a shift in Kpop - away from the more "aegyo" and "quirky" concepts of the past, into darker and more adult territory. We're wondering why, and why it's important. But also: why do we love it so much? 'L' examines, here.

Zhoumi's "Rewind"

Stop. Rewind. Rewind. Rewind. SM confounds us sometimes. As much as we hate their practices (and we're sure they'd love to rewind most of this year), we have to admit that we're loving most of their recent releases. Zhoumi's solo turn this year brings us "Rewind," and yes, we have it on repeat right now. Sleek, sexy, and sad (perfect for the fall season), Zhoumi impresses here with this catchy R&B song. We're seeing a small fan war over Chanyeol's role in the video (Exo-L's are loving him, perhaps a bit too much for Elf's tastes). But we think all of that is pretty silly, considering they're from the same agency, and considering that Super Junior and Exo, when it comes down to it, are very different groups. Solo debuts like Zhoumi's should be free of war. Just stop. Rewind. Rewind. Rewind. Play. 

Super Junior's "Evanesce"

What an amazing year Super Junior is having! We're happy that they've released more music videos to accompany their amazing Mamacita album, and we're especially loving that "This is Love" and "Evanesce" here (one of our favorite songs in the album), are much more adult and sophisticated than the too-goofy "Mamacita" video. Perhaps it is a personal preference, but we like our Super Junior as the slick, mature Men of Kpop, not the anarchic boys imitating Block B's energy. With this and (Super Junior-M's) Zhoumi's solo debut, Super Junior is just killing it this week.

As One's "For the Night"

The duo As One came back in a big way this week (after what - eight years?), steaming with this hyper-sexual video. It's actually a really great song from the duo that should be a part of your playlist. But our suggestion? Watch the video alone, and certainly not at work. (sex)

Crush's "Sofa"

The R&B just keeps coming. We've been loving Crush for at least the last six months, and "Sofa" impresses us just as much. Check out Crush's latest, because he's about to explode onto the scene. You have to be prepared.

Yoon Hyun Sang and IU's "When Would It Be"

Not satisfied with just winning our MV of the Month, IU must collaborate again, this time with Yoon Hyun Sang, who more than holds his own, to steal our ears and hearts. This understated duet impresses even though we've never been big fans of ballads; when their voices join together it's hard not to be enthralled.

Unsolved Mysteries: Kpop Edition

Just in time for Halloween, we brought back the legendary Robert Stack to unravel some of Kpop's current Unsolved Mysteries. Join us, here. Perhaps you can solve a mystery...

October 26-November 1, 2014

And that was This Week in Kpop! We're happy that the fall season has muted much of the drama of the past year, at least for a little while, and that we were able to experience Kpop through a Halloween lens. We hope you've had a safe Halloween! Donghyun says hi!

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