What are Kpop Fans Thankful for this Year?

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In just about every way, this has been a tough year in the world of Kpop. But 'tis the season, and 'tis the perfect opportunity to think about what actually was great to see in Kpop this year. We know that everyone must have something out there to be appreciative of in Kpop, so we asked contributors, past and present, what they're thankful for this year! Here are their answers!   

'The increased influence of retro genres such as jazz and swing in Kpop is something that I am incredibly thankful for. Groups like Spica, 15& and, more recently, HI Suhyun have embraced these musical styles while adding their own unique twist, with outstanding results. Girl groups in general have done incredibly well this year (with just a few exceptions...) and there have been some amazing newcomers.The amazing debuts of kickass girl groups like Kiss&Cry, Bebop and Purfles is also something to be very thankful for!

On a more current (and random) note, EXID's 'Up and Down' is now rising up the charts... three months after its release! Whilst I am still slightly confused by this, I am nevertheless very thankful that this awesome song and group are getting the recognition they deserve!'

Alexandra Arcidy

Best friends are, well, the best. I'm thankful that after 13.85 years (if I'm being honest, I am totally making that number up) GDYB is finally a reality.

Zander Stachniak

It’s not easy to look back on 2014 in a positive light. But ‘tis the season, so let’s forget all the scandal and sadness for just a moment. Because there was happiness too, in the form of some amazing debut artists. I’m thankful for Mamamoo, Winner, Red Velvet, Kream, Crush, Pritz, and Purfles, to name just a few. I’m thankful that even in a year filled with adversity, these amazing new artists broke onto the scene, and I can’t wait to see where the future takes them. The future looks bright indeed.

Nichele Anderson

It's was hard to think of something in Kpop I'm thankful for....though I could name a few things I'm not so thankful for haha. But that's not in the spirit of the holiday. The first thankful thing that came to mind was Leeteuk returning from his military service and how he jumped straight into promotions again. 2014 kinda had a lot of scandals, right? It's hard to sift through all those for the good! I am thankful for Kyuhyun's solo album because he is a talented singer that needs to be showcased. And final one: the recent release of unit group Hi Suhyun~ I really liked their catchy song and video, that was cute in a natural and understated way.


My relationship with Kpop is sometimes tumultuous. There are a number of things that bother me, like racial stereotypes and often the fandoms getting ahead of themselves and becoming aggressive for no reason. But I also have a deep love for Kpop that goes beyond just liking the music. Kpop is usually what keeps me going in the gym, keeping me excited and energized through some gruelling workout sessions. That's why, this year, I'm thankful that Kpop is starting to adopt heavier sounds and styles. I've noticed (and written about) the shift away from the bubblegum pop idols of the early days of the genre.

Groups like BTS and Block B are infusing more rap and hip-hop-inspired sounds into their music and it's for the better! Even older idol groups such as MBLAQ are taking on more adult-sounding songs. These songs are more aggressive and more mature, despite that some of these popular groups are still fairly young. It's refreshing. This new direction gives me hope that Kpop can start to establish itself as a legitimate genre with more worldwide respect, instead of just a one trick pony full of Asian stereotypes.

Timothy Moore

This year? I’m thankful for some great solo releases - seeing my favorite idols in groups branch out and strut their stuff on their own. Secret’s Hyosung, T-ara’s Jiyeon, Shinee’s Taemin, Super Junior-M’s Zhoumi, Wonder Girls’ Yenny (or is it Ha:TFELT now?), and Big Bang’s Taeyang all had standout releases this year. Even releases I didn’t enjoy as much, like from Kara’s Nicole, Secret’s Ji Eun, and Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain, were nice to see in the Kpop world (even Hyomin’s problematic video had it’s moments). If Kpop is to survive for the long haul, their artists must have a chance to evolve and grow beyond the limited lifespan of their groups. It’s great to see that happening, never more than I’ve seen this year.


Whoa Kpop, what am I NOT grateful for? I'm grateful for the nifty small things that Korean companies are doing to make Kpop more accessible to the North American audience - things like offering English captions on music videos, and making collaborations with North American artists (CL, I'm looking at you girl! ). Also, am I the only one who thinks the new EDM-influenced bangers are totally awesome?! I've lost count of the number of times I've played "Sugar Free." Imagine a Kpop rave scene here, with kids sucking on pacifiers and shaking their bums to GD.

We'd like to thank everyone for contributing to this post! But we want your comments too. Kpop fans: What are you thankful for this year? Answer in the comments! 


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