2014's Best Kpop Site of the Year

It's us! Right, guys?

But seriously, we came onto the scene in 2014, in our attempts to elevate the conversation in Kpop. We're entering 2015 with the same intentions. We're so excited and thankful to be doing this, and in the spirit of the holidays, we'd like to thank you for following us.

So, Merry Christmas! Now, since we've won the Best Kpop Site of the Year, let's take a look at some of our most popular posts:

f(x)'s Red Light: A Full Album Review

People just can't get enough of our review of f(x)'s Red Light. Can you imagine if their promotions weren't cut short? What a different world it would be!

Review: Is Super Junior's 'Mamacita' the Album of the Year?

We posited this year that Super Junior may just have the Album of the Year. Do you think we have a point here?

MV of the Month: HyunA, 'Red'

HyunA's "Red" may have turned off a lot of fans, but we loved this crazy video. So much so that it won our MV of the Month!

Music in Motion: A Review of Exo's 'Overdose'

Even with all of the controversy, Exo had an amazing year, and it all started with their stellar comeback! One of our first reviews ever! A more innocent time...

The Sublime and Beautiful Worlds of Mystic89

Mystic89 may be one of the coolest agencies in Kpop. Many of you agreed that they've created surreal, beautiful worlds with and every release.

Now here's a few of our favorite articles that you may have missed!

Ten Future Scandals that Will Rock the Kpop World 

Every once in a while, we'll put together a post and then ask ourselves if we really should publish it. That's when we know we're onto something. That explains everything with our predictions here. That's all we're saying.

Seven Ridiculously Sexy HD Pictures of Kpop Idols Singing, Inspired by Koreaboo

We gave the Koreaboo method a try and designed a post that would garner maximum clicks. These are the results.

Emunah (After HyunA) by Rosebud Ben-Oni

Published poet and Kpop fan, Rosebud Ben-Oni, wrote a HyunA-inspired poem for us and we just had to show the world. Featuring who we're calling Kpop's Poet Laureate was a thrilling experience, and one that we're incredibly proud of. Check it out!

So, there. Now do you believe that we're the Best Kpop Site of the Year? Don't answer that yet. It's the holidays.


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