Best Breaking News Story of 2014

There was a time when journalism was synonymous with integrity. That's never really been the case with Kpop. Perhaps it has something to do with the language barrier, or the intense fan interest. Or maybe it's just that most Kpop sites have almost no filter whatsoever. But that's okay, it makes for a good laugh! Today we're going to review 2014 in search of the absolutely "best" breaking news story. Have a favorite that we missed? Post it in the comments!

AllKpop has become extremely good at reading my mind lately by answering such pressing questions as: Which girl does Taeyang want to eat ice cream with? And even when they miss the mark on Kpop entirely with a post like 10 cute Korean babies that will make your day, it's still pretty cute, we'll give them that.

And maybe we're being unfair. How about we take a look at a story that AllKpop actually considered breaking news, like this one: [Breaking] Super Junior Leeteuk's father and grandparents pass away due to a car accident. Aside from the rather clumsy handling of a difficult subject, the reporting could have used an extra fact-checker or two, seeing as how the father and grandparents were not in a car accident at all. Indeed, the real story is much more grim, but it certainly looks nice when it's highlighted by a centerfold of Leeteuk in fatigues! Seriously, you should check that picture out. It almost makes you forget that three people have died as part of a multiple-homicide/suicide! Leeteuk in fatigues!

Speaking of invasive stories, if you're a fan of Reddit, you're probably used to these happy little moments when posts appear side by side almost as if it were designed that way. I've been holding on to this gem for some time. Notice the upvotes.

But back to our award for brave and intrepid journalism! We don't want AllKpop to take home all the plaudits, certainly, because Koreaboo needs a share of the spoils. What more could you want than the story [★TRENDING] Sungmin gives 90 degree bow at Incheon Airport? You might think the story is in the headline, but you'd be wrong. The real story there was the inexplicable and utterly yawn-inducing changes to Sungmin's fan signature.

And let's not leave Soompi out of the party. We were thoroughly impressed by the journalism in this breaking news story: [Breaking] SHINee’s Jonghyun and Lee Yoo Bi Caught Up in Dating Rumor. The scoop, after all, is supported by "a certain news agency." That might sound like bad reporting, but look closer at the actual claim here. Soompi never assets that Jonghyun and Lee Yoo Bi are dating: they merely report on the breaking story that the pair is involved in a dating rumor. The dating rumor they are starting, presumably. Bravo. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it doesn't get much better than this.

There were so many great stories this year, we can't possibly choose a winner (loser). Unfortunately, reporting like this is a daily reality in Kpop. Maybe it's time we asked for more.


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