This Week in Kpop: December 14-20, 2014

CL Dirty Vibe

Do not be alarmed with the excess hair. It's just This Week in Kpop! CL and G-Dragon's collaboration with Skillex this week really topped this quiet period in Kpop, but there were still some other notable happenings this week. We're beginning our exciting 12 Days of Kpop today, which takes a look at all of the strange and spectacular happenings of 2014. We hope you take a look! But before that, why don't we take a look at this week, can we?

Skrillex's "Dirty Vibe" (with Diplo, G-Dragon, and CL) 

Let's start with a major release this week. Skrillex's collaboration with Diplo, G-Dragon and CL. Love him or hate him, you have to admit that it's cool that Skrillex is bringing Kpop artists into his work. The reaction, expectantly, has been mixed. Some fans take exception to dubstub, others to G-Dragon and CL's "gangbanger" attitude. Kpop fans just aren't really into this. But, really, they're not the audience that G-Dragon and CL are looking for here. With "Dirty Vibe," they're expanding their audience - they're taking in people that may never have heard of them before. They're making their mark on Western shores, prepping future releases. For CL, who will debut in America just next year, this is a significant preview. And the results, especially if you can dig Skrillex, are impressive, especially for her. We think that she can make the transition to western music maybe better than any other idol (including G-Dragon). We can't wait to see where 2015 will bring her.

Lee Joon and Thunder Leave MBLAQ, to Promote as 3

2014 swallows and spits out yet another Kpop group. The casualty this time is MBLAQ, who confirmed that Lee Joon and Thunder will both be departing. Curiously, J.Tune Camp took this opportunity to also confirm that the now three-member group will continue on, with plans to release a new album in early 2015. Sound familiar? It should. But if you click here, you'll find out why MBLAQ does not have the same problems as Exo. 

Bobby's Idol Attack: Why Rap Battles Are Good for Kpop

You're reading the title and shaking your head. You know all the damage that rap battles have made this year. But we're not just trying to be provocative here. Rap battles can be good for kpop. See what we mean, and what that means for Bobby (from iKon) and his recent diss track, here.

10 Songs You Missed this Year

With the emphasis on the single in Kpop, there's so much of an album that casual fans never hear. With that in mind, in accordance to our upcoming 12 Days of Kpop (which begins today with our Rookies of the Year), we've made a list here of 10 songs you may have missed in 2014. Check it out here. Add to the list of songs that need to be heard!

December 14-20, 2014

And that was This Week in Kpop! Another quiet week means that idols are beginning their end of the year activities. We're cool with that, since we're jumping into our own end of the year events, namely, the 12 Days of Kpop that we keep mentioning here. What does that mean? You'll have to check in every day for, you guessed it, the next 12 days (like the song), to find out!


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