This Week in Kpop: December 7-13, 2014

Dia solo star

This Week in Kpop we experienced undeniable boredom as Kpop readies itself for holiday songs and end of the year award ceremonies, why would any group bring us anything new? Well, there is one group that is defying those expectations, and we've never been more thankful for Wa$$up breaking the rules with releasing a fun pop song during ballad season. That's not all that happened this week, but why spoil the surprises here? Let's get started!

Exo in 2015: Forever 10?

After Exo's impressive wins at at the MNET Asian Music Awards, SM Entertainment announced their early 2015 comeback, and we're super excited. But what about the move from twelve members to ten? How will that change the group? How will that change how we perceive the group? Read our thoughts on Exo's future right here.

Scandal of the Week: Bumkey

Bumkey drug charges

Say it isn't so, Bumkey! You've been accused of distributing drugs, and not the soft kind, ones related to Ecstacy and crystal meth. Since our hearts can't take another scandal, we're going to just hope for the best, as the allegations go to court. Unfortunately, whether guilty or not, an often unforgiving Korean culture may ostracize the embattled star. We're keeping an eye on this, but just one. We have to make it out of 2014 somehow!

With "Shut Up U," Just Released the Song of the Summer (in the Winter)

In a quiet week that saw no big releases, we were glad to see some actual pop in Kpop. Wa$$up is back, and they might just have the Song of the Summer...too bad it's in the winter. Don't understand what we mean? Read about Wa$$up's chronologically misplaced song here.

Teen Top's "Snow Kiss"

The Christmas videos keep on coming, this time from Teen Top and their special Christmas video and song for their fans. While we've been pretty vocal with our distaste for these holiday songs, Teen Top fans will surely get a kick out of this, so where's the harm in that? We'll just be over here to the side, waiting for the new year.

Dia's "Paradise"

Remember Kiss & Cry, that rookie group that impressed just about everyone this year before being unceremoniously put on hiatus? Well, not all is lost, friends. Dia from the aforementioned group is having a solo release, and one that we're pretty impressed with. There's two versions of the video, both beautiful, the one above being "Hope" and then there's the "Dream" video. We're really loving this song, and while it likely won't burn up the charts, we're happy to be talking about someone from this rookie group again, especially with a song this impressive.

Eric Nam's "Melt My Heart"

Another sweet, candidly shot video that will certainly warm your heat, if not melt it altogether. 'Tis the season for songs of this emotional magnitude. You either have to embrace it or go into hiding! But Eric Nam's voice will surely make it hard to escape. Give "Melt My Heart" a listen!

Melody Day's "Anxious"

Kpop and melodrama often go hand in hand, so if you're looking for an emotional romp, take a look at this new release from Melody Day. There's a lot to like with this song, but we're getting antsy here. We're seeing a lot of ballads (as expected) - and we're wanting more of the pop in Kpop. Good thing we have Wa$$up's new release! But will there be any other energetic pop releases to close out the year?

December 7-13, 2014 

And that was the week in Kpop! Another snoozer, for the most part! But we're almost to the finish line! If we can get there without anymore big scandals, that could be the victory Kpop fans need to start 2015 right! Can it happen? Probably not! But, as always, our fingers are crossed! Be safe, and we'll see you next week!


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