Top 10 Music Videos of 2014

Though it was a year that will mostly be remembered for scandals, 2014 was also chock-full of amazing music videos. With the new year coming soon, we thought we'd pick our Top 10 Music Videos of 2014. But let us know what you think. Did we miss your favorite music video?

10. Vixx - "Error" 

Vixx has a history of making stunning, often horrifically grotesque music videos. With "Error," they bring us a new element: Heart. "Error" just happens to be an amazing song, as our staff writer, 'L', has pointed out, but this music video adds to the single by featuring some dramatic choreography (with killer special effects incorporated), a tragic love story that will leave you riveted, and impressive robotic effects that really immerse you into this world. This video is the whole package. Vixx is often overlooked, even by us, so it's about time they've gotten more attention here. Believe us. This music video will leave you breathless.

9. Block B - "Jackpot" 

Block B could very easily have disbanded and gone quietly into the night in 2012, or again in 2013. Instead, they regrouped, and under the direction of leader Zico, began producing some of the most compelling and dangerous music in Kpop. It only makes sense that their music videos match their music. And the wild medleys of song that these men create are perfectly matched with the zany, circus spectacular that is "Jackpot." The song was one of our top 5 singles of the year, and was also our favorite music video in the month of March!

8. f(x) - "Red Light" 

When "Red Light" was released, it caused us to question our beliefs in what a music video is required to be. It also helped us understand the genre as a whole. "Red Light" accomplishes all three of the most important elements. First, it makes the viewer stop and stare with gorgeous shots of f(x). Second, it presents a compelling archetype (or a theme). And third, we're treated to a monster dance performance. Red Light is more than just a music video, it's a workshop in creating successful pop. And the music ain't bad either!

7. Kim Yeon Woo - "Move"

Back in May, we described Kim Yeon Woo's "Move" as a game changer, a music video that redefined the boundaries of the genre. "Move" splits the Kpop "box" into sections and spins it like a platter. It’s a completely new kind of motion. It's exactly what 2014 needed. Read our full review here!

6. Gain (featuring Bumkey) - "Fxxk You" 

Sex and violence have long been of great interest to one of our favorite groups, Brown Eyed Girls. So we were thrilled to see Gain take a serious, uncomfortable look at sexual violence in relationships, in a video that is definitely not for the faint of heart, but can bring up many important conversations. We were surprised that Gain was even allowed to release this disturbing video, that pits her in an abusive tango with her lover, Bumkey. The "Fuck you" in the chorus, a slur that would often diminish a singer's credibility, gives an adult sensibility, making this one of the most memorable, and unsettling, videos of 2014.

5. Puer Kim - "Bank"

"Bank" is more than just a clever song, it is a visual masterpiece. Think Mad Men, or maybe a Kubrick film. You'll be stunned by the colors, the choreography, and the eerie other-worldliness. This video cleverly plays with its lyrics but never feels cheap or cheesy. In fact, "Bank" is what every good music video should strive for, and was one of our music videos of the month for 2014. Puer Kim actually had a stellar year - with her debut with Mystic89 and her first single, "Manyo Maash," which could have very well have made our top ten list too. You can read more about Puer Kim's "Bank" here and should definitely check out her album, Purifier. 

4. AKMU - "Melted" 

Few videos were as heartbreaking this year as rookie group Akdong Musician's beautiful "Melted," which takes a look at a young vagrant's journey through Canada, and the people and situations that lead him astray. Right when you think he's hit his lowest point, the young men keeps getting knocked lower and lower until....well. We won't ruin it for you. But after you watch this, you'll understand more why we believe AKMU are our Rookies of the Year.

3. Orange Caramel - "Catallena"

Will "Catallena" ever get old? Of course not - it's sophisticated and well-executed. Years from now, this music video will still be as fresh and fun as ever! Back in March, we wrote that every piece of it is polished and precise. It's why we started to fall for the quirky sub-unit of After School. Read the full review here.

2. IU and Seo Taiji - "Sogyeokdong"

Hidden among the gloomy fall singles this year was IU and Seo Taiji's gorgeous music video for "Sogyeokdong." Seo Taiji's return this year has been nothing short of spectacular - collaborating with IU only ensured brilliance. For concept, breadth, beauty, and attention to detail, this video earns the number two spot on our Top 10 Music Videos of 2014. Tackling a tumultuous time in Korea's history, this love story is imbued with even more depth. Read more to see why we called this the very small tip of an iceberg that is massive beneath the water.

1. HyunA - "Red"

And the number one music video of the year for 2014 goes to...HyunA for "Red." Surprised? Don't be. When we wrote about this in July, we called it audacious, spectacular, and absurd. "Red" deserves the title of Top Music Video of 2014 because it is quintessentially Kpop. While IU and Seo Taiji's collaboration could be considered a work of art, "Red" is what we call a Work of Pop. This is style placed on an epic scale. HyunA, at one points, even dresses up as an Egyptian Queen. Why? Because Kpop. "Red" not only sets new standards for Kpop, but also pushes HyunA into iconic levels. You can read our full review here!


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