We Reluctantly Take Back Our 2014 Apology of the Year Award from A.KOR’s Kemy

Kemy Apology

It’s official. Kemy of A.KOR (or a personality that looks just like her), has apologized to Park Bom of 2NE1. While some have lauded the pop star for finally taking ownership of her rap lyrics, others have criticized her for the very same thing. Like us. We loved that she didn’t apologize last year. Kpop stars apologize so much that it means absolutely nothing. It is with a heavy heart that we must therefore revoke the 2014 Apology of the Year award from Kemy. But there’s more to the story, and we at Critical Kpop have the exclusive first look.

Kemy Late Apology

Hospital records, leaked by “a source close to DOO Republic,” indicate that Kemy has been diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder. For a scientific explanation of her illness, please consult SBS primetime TV documentary, Hyde, Jekyll, Me. As the program shows, one can hide hidden and supernatural superpowers through a split personality that can be unleashed through a rise in blood pressure. Kemy, or the personality that we have associated with Kemy, had the ability not to give a f*ck, targeting her senior, Park Bom, with her offending rap. Unfortunately, this side of her has been suppressed, much like Seo-Jin has tirelessly suppressed his alter-ego, the heroic Robin.

What’s worse, the disorder, not known to be contagious, seems to have infected all of A.KOR. Have you seen “But Go?” They literally set several men on fire. After sewing their mouths shut and torturing them. Then they doused the poor suckers with gasoline! AND THEY LAUGHED ABOUT IT. And now, just released a few days ago, we have this, this, we don’t even know what to call it, a tragedy? Evidence of mental illness?

According to our source, who asked us not to name him directly, the psychologist working with A.KOR has made “great strides” in getting the stars to admit the mistakes of their other personalities. Take, for example, A.KOR’s recent interview with Star News, in which the women opened up about Kemy’s diss track. “The diss song was not her decision,” several of the members said. Of her own work, Kemy was frank: “I never meant to make the song.” This is thought to be a significant first step in suppressing their alternate personalities. According to our source, once a personality is suppressed, it may never surface again. “We may never see the old A.KOR again,” the source told us in an exclusive interview with Critical Kpop and no one else but we totally didn’t make it up we promise.

A.KOR Badass

We personally hope that this is just a temporary lapse. Though clearly disrespectful at times, we loved A.KOR’s anti-authority rep they were slowly building, along with their hip hop, even if it seemed to enrage Kpop traditionalists. Now, they’re just another girl group. And that’s okay, and “Always” is okay, but meh.

Critical Kpop has contacted Kemy’s management at DOO Republic, requesting the immediate return of her 24-karat gold trophy. We have yet to receive a response, and fear that the trophy may have been sold on the black market by her other identity, the one that doesn’t give a f*ck.


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