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When it came to picking the MV of the Month for February, there really was very little room for debate. 4Minute's "Crazy" owned the entire month. Hell, "Crazy" has owned the entire year

We've described 4Minute's mini-album (also called Crazy) as being fierce and angry, and not just angry, but angry at you. Though there may be songs on the album that are better, no one can deny that "Crazy" encapsulates this crazed aggression. 4Minute feels invigorated. Like they've been sleepwalking for much too long. But they've woken up and, yes, they now have a chip on their shoulder. They're advertising this comeback as an "revamp" but don't be fooled. This is really a resurrection.

Gayoon 4Minute

Opening with a sneering HyunA, "Crazy" seems, at first, more like a sequel to last year's hit "Red" than a continuation of 4Minute's recent iteration that began with "What's Your Name?" and has ran its course a while ago. And in many ways, the mayhem and attitude of the video, as well as the song itself, make it a worthy successor to a video we feel was the best of 2014.

So is "Crazy" going to be in the running for 2015? It's definitely a front-runner already. The video is sexy but not submissive, quirky but not cheesy - the fast cuts won't cause you epilepsy, the choreography is simple but builds on the song's tempo, as the girls jab at the air, kicking and shaking their bodies and their hats (which cover their eyes and read their names, and somehow that is so cool but we have no idea why).

We love this video and we love that "Crazy" gives everyone their chance to shine. You know that HyunA is going to get much of the spotlight in a 4Minute video, but "Crazy" definitely does not feel like the group should be renamed "HyunA and the 4Minutes" (which hasn't always been the case).

Sohyun is taking on a more sexual role within the group, the camera literally zooming in on her butt as she gives the audience a shake. There are some points in this video where she looks like a diva. Maybe she'll get her own solo debut? We hadn't even thought of that until this video. Gayoon, our personal favorite, carries the weight of the vocals on her back, as always, and Jiyoon looks completely at home with this concept. Like she's ready to punch someone in the face (GET OUT OF HER WAY). We often forget about Jihyun, even though she's the group's leader. But you won't forget about her in this video, trust us.


This music video is all about energy, and, what's more, a return to form. The basic ingredients of a 4Minute song and video are mostly unchanged here, but it's like the group is more themselves than ever. It's a welcome departure from "Whatcha Doin' Today?" trimming much of the weak slapstick for a release that is both lean and mean. Watch out, world. 4Minute is truly back. And they're confident, cool, sexy, and, most of all, angry. At everyone.


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